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How to Deal With A Terrible Temper Tantrum

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I’ve been there. I think as moms, we’ve all been there. You walk into a store with a tired little monkey and right in the middle of the store your monkey stops, throws themselves on the floor and proceeds to have a temper tantrum. The entire store stops, looks at you, and you swear they’re all whispering about how bad of a mom you are.

Truth is, they probably are. I’ve been that person. I’ve sat back and judged that tired looking mama for not being able to control her child. Oh, how sweet karma has paid me back. 

My middle child has given me my share of temper tantrums. One time while on vacation in Florida the boy screamed so loud in temper that I thought for sure someone would call the cops.

Temper tantrums can be hard to deal with. They’re stressful, annoying, and oh so frustrating. But, mamas and papas this time will pass. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you while you’re dealing with a temper tantrum.

1. Worry about your child and your child only. Don’t add added pressure to the situation by listening to someone tell you if he were my boy… In fact, if any one feels the need to tell you that, tell them he’s not their boy, so buzz off. I mean really, it’s no ones business except you and your child. After all, temper tantrums can be caused by so many other factors than your child just being bad. With my middle child, I had family give me so much advice, but none of it worked. Eventually, we found out what works for our and it wasn’t anything anyone ever told us.

2. Take them to the car. It’s much easier to deal with a screaming child while they are restrained in a car seat. If you’re in public, take them to the vehicle. This keeps people from doing the nasty stare and allows your child to scream it out without hurting themselves or something else. (Of course, be sure to stay in the car with them ?)

3. Bribe them. Maybe this is not the best parenting advice, but when your child is throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a crowded mall, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get them to stop. Try bribing them. That big sleepover at grandmas, threaten to cancel it. Chances are your child will realize what he’s doing and stop.

4. Talk to them. With my son, talking never helped until he was halfway calmed down, but it’s always worth a try. Try to get your child to focus and talk to them. Explain what they are doing is not okay and that you can’t just buy them everything thing they want. This may be a long stretch, but with some children this may work.

5.  Give in to them. This is not a good idea by any means, but mamas if you’re sick of fighting, just buy them the toy. I’m not judging. Get them out to the vehicle and return it later. You’ll have a happy child on your hand and when you get home, you can deal with the punishment. (Use this option only as a last resort).

While I understand these tips aren’t amazing and probably not what you want to hear, these tips will at least get you out of the middle of the floor and back to the car.

Tell me, what is the worse temper tantrum you’ve ever witness? I’ve heard stories, I would love to hear more. Let’s help other moms feel better by telling us #yourworststories

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