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How to be Successful on eBay

eBay Tips

eBay is one of those sites that I absolutely love, but without proper knowledge, eBay can be difficult to sell stuff on. USA, LLC

I have been selling on eBay for 3 years now (on and off) and average a decent income.

Until recently, my sales weren’t nothing like I wanted. I changed a few simple things in my ads and now my eBay finally feels like it is taking off.

Here are some simple tips on how you can start making more money on eBay:

Lots of Pictures – Taking a lot of pictures can be a real pain, but uploading at least 6 pictures allows the buyer to see what they are actually getting. I suggest taking pictures of any detailed part, flaws, front and back of item and zippers/buttons (opened and shut).

Good Picture Quality  – When I first started selling on eBay, I only had a basic smartphone camera, but, nowadays, I use a more professional DSLR. Not only does this camera capture more detail, but it also makes my items look more professional and buyers seem to love the extra detail. (I use THIS camera to take all of my photos [affiliate link]).

Respond to Messages – If you opened a physical store you would have some sort of phone number or place for customers to reach you; eBay offers a messaging system which is the only way for you to communicate with your buyer. Answering emails promptly and thoroughly can be a big make or break with a customer.

Be Honest About What You’re Selling – In a store customers can look and physically find any flaw in an item, but online it is up to the seller to be honest. Being honest assures that your sellers rating shouldn’t go down, plus it saves you from the headache of eBay disputes and unhappy customers.

Leave Feedback and Request Feedback  – When I go to buy something from an “unknown” source, I often look for ratings, reviews and feedback. Asking for feedback and giving feedback help buyers know what to expect.

Be Descriptive – As with any item, buyers like to know what they are getting. Adding just a few extra sentences to describe – color, size, flaws, and anything additional that buyers need to know can help a buyer with making the decision to purchase something.

Get Social – Often things on eBay may only get 5 views in 7 days. Start an Instagram account, Facebook page and Twitter feed to share your eBay products, so people can easily find them.

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