How to be Successful on eBay

by Crystal Carder
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Have you ever wanted to try to be successful on eBay, but not sure where to start? Today I am sharing tips I’ve learned from selling on eBay.

After years of trial and error, I have finally cracked the “code” and have gone from little, to no sells to making hundreds of dollars every month! If you are considering selling your old stuff on eBay, read these tips first! 

Take Lots of Photos

Whenever you are posting an item on eBay, users can post up to 12 photos for free without getting charged. I recommend using all 12 of these free photo options because buyers like to see what they are getting before they place a bid on your item.

Whenever you are posting items on eBay, think of your online store as an actual business. Buyers want to know what they are buying before they place a bid, so making sure you show them every aspect of the item you are selling, helps to ease your buyer’s mind before they place a bid. Realistically, unless someone really wants the item you are selling, most people won’t place a bid on something with just one photo.

I suggest whenever you are selling clothes on eBay, to take pictures of any flaws, front, back, sleeves, tags, and bottoms of clothes.

Remember the more you show your buyer, the more likely they are to place a bid.

High Quality Photos 

You don’t have to be a photographer to post your items on eBay, but you should post high quality photos with your products. Not only does it make your listings look more professional, it attracts buyers to your item.

If I’m scrolling through eBay and I see an item that has a great photo, more than likely it will stand out to me, and I’m more prone to click on that item. Remember with eBay, your competing with sellers from all over the world, so you want to stand out and pictures are a great way to do that.

Even if you don’t have a high quality DSLR camera, most cellphone cameras, these days, take high quality photos.

Respond to Messages 

If you were to open a physical storefront, buyers could ask you questions in person, or call you up on the phone. With eBay, the only way buyers can contact you is through eBay messenger.

eBay messaging offers buyers a safe platform to ask questions about your item that you may not have listed in your posting. It is almost vital, to any sell to answer your buyer. This helps to ensure a higher feedback rating and keeps you from having unhappy buyers, which could affect you later on.

Be Honest About What You’re Selling

Whenever I am listing an item on eBay, I have a strict policy of evaluating any item I sell for stains, rips, and other flaws before listing. Then when the item sells, I go over the item again for accuracy. Not only does this save me time from upset customers, but I also save money on eBay fees.

Since eBay charges a final fee value on bidded items that you cancel, as a seller, I don’t like to risk any item having flaws before I post about it. If the item I am selling has flaws, I am always honest and I post about it in the description of the item and share photos of it.

I find that whenever I am honest about my items, I have no unhappy customers. If I don’t find a flaw on an item until after it sells, I always offer the buyer a refund before shipping, but if they still want the item, I usually offer a discount.

Leave Feedback and Request Feedback  

eBay is notorious for allowing buyers and sellers to leave feedback and it really makes things easier for both parties. Whenever I am buying something, I always try to stick to sellers with a rating higher than 90% because I know I can count on truth, shipping, and getting the item I want.

Whenever you sell an item on eBay, don’t be shy about asking buyers for a rating. Most of the time, buyers will give you 5-stars and with each rating, your seller accuracy percentage changes.

Be Descriptive 

As with any item, buyers like to know what they are getting. Adding just a few extra sentences to describe – color, size, flaws, and anything additional that buyers need to know can help a buyer with making the decision to purchase something.

Get Social 

Often things on eBay aren’t seen as near as much as they should be. That’s why I recommend using marketing techniques to get your stuff even more exposure. One of the best ways to do this, is to create your eBay store a separate Facebook and Instagram feed. When posting your items on social media, be sure to use hashtags – they are your best friend, so people can easily find your stuff.

If you liked this post, head over to one of my most popular downloaded freebies, this eBay Sales Tracker Free Printable.

Do you have any techniques or tips for being successful on eBay? I would love it if you shared them with me in the comments below. 


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