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How To Afford A Vacation

It’s winter time here in Western Maryland and as I look out my window, I can’t stand to be stuck here much longer, I  need a vacation. 

I know I probably won’t be going anywhere right now, but I’m slowly saving up to go on my next warm and sunny vacation. And, the best part, I finally feel like I can actually afford a vacation without going into debt.
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How to Afford A Vacation

Not sure if you can even afford a vacation? Check out these super helpful tips to make it easy for your family to go on more vacations:

  • Buy gift cards throughout the year – I’ve never actually used this option, but this option is such a neat way to pay for vacation without even realizing it! The trick kind of works like this: there are a few things you know you’re going to need on vacation; food, gas, and hotels. Get an early start by purchasing gift cards for these places and then put them in a safe spot. Save the gift cards for vacation and woo-lah, you have half of your vacation paid for before you even go! Extra tip: ask for gift cards for birthdays and holidays to get your vacation paid for faster. I will note, though, that not every part of the vacation can be paid for in gift cards, although, you can come pretty darn close. I also caution you to buy gas gift cards for nationwide gas stations and not your local ones, like Sheetz if you’re heading to Florida because there are no Sheetz in Florida.
  • Use Groupon for getaway deals and hotel deals. Groupon is such a great site for booking hotels and getaways because they add new deals every day to hundreds of locations. Groupon deals allow you to book months, or days, in advanced, and the prices are so cheap, that you can actually book longer stays and more trips. Some notable hotels I have seen offered in the past have been; Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark and oceanfront Myrtle Beach stays for $70 and less!

  • Put money into a savings fund. Putting money into a savings fund for a vacation is probably the most old-school idea on this list. While it allows you to save as long as you need, I wouldn’t recommend using this way to save for your vacation. If you’re like me and living paycheck to paycheck, the money could be used for something else and then you never get a vacation. This idea is ideal if you’re not actually sure about where to go on vacation.
  • Check into vacation layaway. I’ve never personally used the vacation layaway thing, but I know many people who have for vacations to places like Disney World. The way this type of layaway usually works is you pick out everything for your vacation; the date, airplane tickets, resort and parks and then you book it. Then, you pick out how often you would like to pay for your vacation and then you get a payment plan.

What are some creative ways your family has saved for a vacation?

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