How Moms Can Be More Productive in the Summer

by Crystal Carder
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We’ve all been there at one time or another. The kids are home for the summer and we want to soak up every second we can with them. After all, the say is – you only get 18 summers with them. So, we put our stuff on the back burner, we go out of our way to do everything the kids want to do, but we neglect ourselves.

As a mom, we stop being productive and we tell ourselves, it’ll get done later. We keep lying to ourselves until eventually we’re overwhelmed from our lack of productivity.

That’s not fair. That’s why it is so important that as a mom, we find ways to still be productive in the summer.

How Moms Can Be More Productive in the Summer

As a stay at home mom of three and business owner, I totally get how easy it is to not be productive in the summer. After all, no one likes to work while everyone else is playing, but what if I told you, you can be productive and still have fun this summer?

No, I haven’t gone crazy, but maybe all you need to do is plan your time a little better? No, I’m not talking no sleep – I value my sleep way too much – but I’m talking just a little better planning to get everything you need to get done without feeling overwhelmed.

As crazy as I may sound, it is possible. Just keep reading to find out how you can be more productive this summer.

How Moms Can Be More Productive in the Summer

Being productive in the summer with these tips will help you get more done while still spending time with the ones you love.

Have a Set Bedtime for the Kids

I know, I know, it’s summer vacation and that’s supposed to mean staying up late and sleeping in all morning. But, keeping a set bedtime for the kids can actually help you stay more productive.

Whenever the kids have a set bedtime, you give yourself the option to plan work around their bedtime.

While you don’t have to keep a strict, 7 pm bedtime, you can give the kids a more lenient 9 bedtime, so you can work while they sleep.

Stop Saying ‘Yes’ to Everything

One of the biggest things that can mess with a mom’s productivity is saying ‘yes’ to everyone and everything but you!

As a mom, we’re bound to be asked for help from everyone. And, we moms, love to help. But when you start neglecting the things you need to do, all you’re doing is causing extra stress.

Sometimes, you have to say no, even if it doesn’t feel right. Whenever you make sure to do what you need to do, you feel better and are happier person.

While you don’t have to say no to everyone, you can still plan time to help, you shouldn’t overbook yourself to the point where you’re too tired to be productive.

Stop Feeling Guilty

While society may frown on letting your kids watch television or play video games, stop feeling guilty. It’s okay it let your kids play games and watch television so you can get work done.

Though I’m not saying to do it all the time, you can do it an hour or so a day, when needed. Remember just because the kids are home doesn’t mean they don’t want to relax to. Sometimes we moms over-plan fun activities and all our kids really want to do is nothing.

As a mom, we’re already being judged on everything we do, so just keep being the best mom you can and forget what everyone else thinks – you’re doing a great job mama!

Make a Few Sacrifices

During the summer there’s so much to do and you want to do it all. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to be productive in the summer, you’re going to have to make a few sacrifices and skip a few events.

No, I’m not giving you an excuse to skip an important life event like your grandma’s 90th birthday party, but a few nights out a week, you probably could skip one or two.

When it comes to be productive as a mother, you have to be really strict. You’re going to miss things, you’re going to feel guilty, but most of all, you’re going to feel better knowing you got your stuff done.

While there are probably other things you can add to this list to help you be more productive this summer, these tips are the ones that will work most effectively to keep your life productive.

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