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Our Review of the Hollywood Wax Museum Pigeon Forge TN

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If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to spend a few hours in the Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville, Tennessee areas, than the Hollywood Wax Museum Pigeon Forge is the place to go!

Featuring four family-friendly attractions including: Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, Hollywood Wax Museum, Castle of Chaos, and Outbreak Dread the Undead -making sure you make time to visit all of these attractions on your family adventure is a must!

In this post, I’m sharing all about our time at Hollywood Wax Museum Pigeon Forge and everything you should know before you go.

Inside the Hollywood Wax Museum Pigeon Forge

The Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN is the really cool building you see from the road with the gorilla that looks like it is climbing the side. This is also the main building of all 4 attractions and where we purchased our All-Access Passes for the family. We were even able to save $2 off each of our ticket prices by stopping at the Pigeon Forge Visitor’s Center and grabbing a free coupon book.

Gorilla Hollywood Wax Museum

Once inside the Wax Museum it’s all self-guided, so you can spend as much time or as little time as you want with each exhibit. We arrived right as the museum was opening at 9 am and the museum wasn’t too busy. But, as we were getting ready to head out, two hours later, the museum’s parking lot was a lot busier and you could see a large line starting to form.

hours of Hollywood wax museum

Since we arrived early, we got to enjoy the wax museum almost all by ourselves, which was nice. With no one following us close by, we were able to enjoy ourselves, make silly faces with the wax figures, and we even got to use most of the photo props that the wax museum has hanging nearby some of the figures.

While we had so much fun playing dress-up with all of the wax figures, one of the best things about purchasing the All-Access Pass was that we got V.I.P. access to go on top of the museum’s roof. On top of the roof, we got to see the gorilla and look out over Pigeon Forge.

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Although, we had already done the Mirror Maze at Ripley’s, my kids were aching to do another mirror maze, so it worked out perfect that one of the included attractions in the All-Access Pass was a mirror maze.

hollywood wax museum castle

Located in the castle right above the Hollywood Wax Museum, you can literally walk to Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and the other 2 attractions. Once you make it inside of the castle, you can choose to do whatever attraction you want to do first. We choose to do Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors since it had no line and almost no wait.

Once you scan your ticket to go back into Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, you go into another room and watch a short, animated film about Hannah and how she got stuck inside the mirrors. From there you are taken through an insanely colorful tunnel (that will get you dizzy) and then from there you start your mission to save Hannah from being trapped forever.

Hannahs maze of mirrors

Once you save Hannah, you even get to have a dance party at the end. Everything about Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors is fun! The kids loved all of the cool colors inside the maze and I loved how it felt more like an amusement park stimulation than just something you walk in and right back out of.

If you are in Pigeon Forge with kids, I highly recommend purchasing a ticket to Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors even if you don’t decide to do the other 3 attractions – trust me, you won’t regret it!

Castle of Chaos 5D Adventure

Yet again, the Castle of Chaos 5D Adventure is another attraction that is similar to Ripley’s 5D Moving Theater, but in my opinion, it was better! Unlike Ripley’s where the seats are kind of jerky and you just sit and watch some odd movie, the Castle of Chaos is actually an adventure where you shoot at moving objects on screen.

We all had so much fun doing this that I personally would have spent 5 more dollars to do it again.

The only thing I would recommend if you are doing this attraction with young children is to opt for the robot film. We opted to do the film with the wolves because it was getting ready to start when we walked in, but it kind of scared the kids since the wolves looked like they were coming out of the screen.

Outbreak Dread the Undead

When we purchased our All-Access Pass, I had no idea that the zombies-thing was actually a haunted house. It wasn’t until we scanned our tickets and started walking into Outbreak Dread the Undead that we realized it probably wasn’t something a 4, 6, and 8 year old should be doing, but by then, it was too late.

Since we were already in the attraction and it started, we decided just to go with it. We carried two of our kids and I held my oldest son’s hand and we just kept assuring them everything they were seeing was fake. Thankfully, you have to keep moving whenever you walk through it, so there was no stopping. The full exhibit takes about 10 minutes, but if you’re in the back of the line, it’s a lot less scarier since everything is designed to scare the front of the line.

While I know we should not have walked into Outbreak Dread the Undead with little ones, once we realized our mistake, it became a great learning experience for the kids and they did laugh about the experience as soon as we came out of the exhibit.

Although, I cannot say I would recommend taking children younger than 8 inside of Outbreak Dread the Undead, I can say that this serves as a great starter haunted house for kids.

If you are traveling to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I highly recommend taking two hours out of your day and stopping at the Hollywood Wax Museum and 3 other attractions.

If you would like to learn more about the Hollywood Wax Museum check out their website by clicking HERE.

Have you ever visited the Hollywood Wax Museum, what was your favorite attraction?

I received no compensation for posting this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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