Help Change the Future of Medicine By Joining ‘All of Us’ Pennsylvania Research Initiative

by Crystal Carder
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The future of medicine is about to change and you can be part of it. ‘All of Us’ Pennsylvania is looking to enroll 120,000 or more patients across the U.S., learn more

Last year, my mother was diagnosed with chronic Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib), a disease that directly affects her heart and causes it to beat at a rapid pace. Doctors have told her, she will probably never get out of a-fib and will likely live with it her whole life. It’s a devastating diagnosis and one we never knew ran in her family history until after she was diagnosed. Now I live with the fear, that another one of my loved ones or myself could be diagnosed with a-fib, too.

It’s time to start taking control of our health and help change the future of medicine. One easy way we can all do this is by participating in the new research initiative,  ‘All of Us’ Pennsylvania.

With the goal to engage one million or more people in the United States, ‘All of Us’ Pennsylvania was created to revolutionize how diseases can be prevented and treated. With the main focus on individual differences in lifestyle, genetics, and environment, ‘All of Us’ uses a precision medicine approach to help find cures.

In Partnership With the University of Pittsburgh

The nationwide program from the National Institute of Health (NIH), All of Us Pennsylvania has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh to begin the research program locally. The University of Pittsburgh has been awarded $4.2 million for the first year, with the potential of up to nearly $67 million over five years that will help build the infrastructure needed to launch the program.

The University of Pittsburgh is planning on enrolling 120,000 patients to fund pilot studies that use the accrued data to advance precision medical care.

‘All of Us’ has 6 locations across Pennsylvania, find the one that is closet to you by visiting this link,

Schedule Your Appointment Today

By signing up for this study, you can help change the future of medicine and improve the future of healthcare for you, your family, and your children. ‘All of Us’ Pennsylvania has already enrolled 8,000 patients in Pennsylvania but still needs your help. ‘All of Us’ is offering patients a $25 compensation to participate in this free, life-changing, study.

To set up your free appointment, call: 412-383-2737 or go online to,

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