Halloween Chaos – Solved With Red Baron Pizza

by Crystal Carder
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This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Halloween can be chaotic. It’s the one day of the year, kids come home with the expectation of staying up late and eating a whole bunch of candy. And the work that goes with getting a family out the door, is crazy. It’s like there’s so much going on and so little time to do it, that the idea of actually showing up and looking like you really spent all that time on your family’s costumes is gone.

Halloween Chaos – Solved With Red Baron Pizza 81

Last year, for Halloween, we probably had one of our most chaotic Halloweens, to date. Halloween happened on a good ole’ Tuesday night 5 p.m. and the kids didn’t even get home from school until 3:45 p.m. We had so much to do when the kids got home, but all they could focus on was being hungry.

Knowing that three kids wouldn’t budge until their little bellies got filled, I decided to turn to Red Baron® Brick Oven cheese trio pizza.

Halloween Chaos – Solved With Red Baron Pizza

For more than 40 years, Red Baron® Pizza has been helping moms solve mealtime chaos. The pizza has a unique crispy, bubbly, golden brown crust, that is topped with robust sauce, hearty toppings, and premium cheese.

Red Baron® Brick Oven cheese trio pizza literally saved our Halloween and my sanity. While the pizza cooked in the oven I was able to focus on getting the kids ready and I literally needed every minute I could get.

Halloween Chaos – Solved With Red Baron Pizza

One of the kid’s Halloween costumes ended up being too long. So, while I was struggling to come up with a solution, the other kid decided they needed to use the bathroom after they were already dressed. Time was already running out and I thought for sure we would be late. I was starting to get frustrated and I was feeling like nothing I did that night would turn out right.

But then, the oven beeped and I was reminded I put a Red Baron® Brick Oven cheese trio pizza in the oven. As we ate our delicious Red Baron® pizza, we all forgot about the chaos surrounding the night and somehow things came together, we even left the house with 5 minutes to spare.

This year, make Halloween less chaotic with Red Baron® pizza, found in stores near you.

Do you have a Halloween war story to share? 


Halloween Chaos – Solved With Red Baron Pizza

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