Gobi: A Little Dog With A Big Heart Book Review

by Crystal Carder
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I received a sample of Gobi: A Little Dog With A Big Heart in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Gobi: A Dog With a Big Heart, is the perfect book to bring home to your little ones. Based on the true story of a dog named, Gobi, this book is sure to delight families from all over the world. Gobi: A Little Dog With A Big Heart

About Gobi

Gobi was a little dog who lived in the Gobi desert  in China. One day, a group of runners were running a marathon in the desert when little Gobi spotted them. Gobi begin chasing after one of the racers, Dion, and ran along side him for the entire 23-mile race. Later that night, Gobi spent the night in Dion’s tent and throughout the course of the race, Gobi ran 77 out of the 155-miles of the race. Ultimately, Dion adopted Gobi and HarperCollins published a trilogy of books about their adventures. You can watch the story of Dion and Gobi in the video below:

Gobi: A Little Dog With A Big Heart Review

I really liked the story of Gobi: A Little Dog With a Big Heart and so did my children. My 5-year old son loved the book so much that he got really excited when I told him the story was based on true real-life events. He was pretty much so ecstatic, that he started asking for more about Gobi, so I had to pull up some of the YouTube videos with interviews of Gobi and Dion to satisfy his curiosity.  Gobi: A Little Dog With a Big Heart  Dion Leonard did a great job writing this book for a child’s perspective. Dion keeps kids intrigued by telling the story from both Dion and Gobi’s perspectives at different times.   

One thing that we really loved about Gobi: A Little Dog with a Big Heart  were the pictures inside the book. The book’s illustrator, Lisa Manuzak, did a wonderful job creating photos that were appealing and detailed all while keeping the book’s desert-y theme. 

Gobi: A Little Dog With a Big Heart is a great story for animal-lovers and young children. I highly recommend adding the story to your child’s reading list, or Christmas list this year!

You can purchase Gobi: A Little Dog with a Big Heart by following this LINK.

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