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How To Get The Best Deals On Fast Food


It may not be your first pick, but sometimes we all have to eat fast food. Whether you’re on a last minute road trip or looking for food near you, here’s how you can save the most money on fast food: USA, LLC

Eat Arby’s from 2pm to 5pm for Happy Hour. Choose from a variety of $1 deals including, Arby Sliders, small milkshakes, small fries, and cookies.

Download the McDonald’s fast food App for great coupons and free food. The McDonald’s app has been known to give Free fries, coffee and even Big Macs! Check with the app every day for even more savings.

Use the Burger King fast food app for breakfast and lunch deals. The BK app usually offers the same coupons, all the time, but one of my favorite coupons offers a $4 breakfast including 2-croissan’wich, small coffee and a small hashbrown.

Eat Taco Bell between 2pm and 5pm for $1 Happier Hour. Choose between $1 Loaded Grillers, Medium Drinks, Freezes and Sparklers.

Choose Dunkin’ Donuts between 2pm and 6pm for $1.99 hot or cold lattes or macchiatos. Download their app for even more special deals and rewards.

Grab dessert at Dairy Queen during their Happy Hour from 2pm and 5pm. Get $1 iced coffees and $2 Frappes and Smoothies.

*Participation will vary. Subject to end. Always check with your restaurant before ordering. 


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