Fun Adams Magnetic Dart Board, A Fun and Safe Twist to a Classic Game

by Crystal Carder
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I have a love hate relationship with toys. I love them, but I hate trying to find room for them. My kids have so many that this year, for their birthdays I have decided I am not buying them many regular toys. Instead, I am opting for ideas that require my kids to move and play together.

For my 8 year old’s birthday, I had so many ideas of toys that the kids could play together outside, but with the cold weather, I still needed ideas of things that could be played indoors. That’s when I came across the Fun Adams Magnetic Dart Board. This dart board puts a twist on one of my favorite classical games, darts, and makes it safe for younger kids, like mine. 

With 6 magnetic darts (3 yellow and 3 red), a 16 inch board, and 2 wall mounts; this game includes everything you need to get started. This game can be set up and ready to play in less than a minute.

Fun Adams Magnetic Dart Board #ad

Just like the classic game of Darts, this game is so much fun! My family and I have already spent hours playing each other. In fact, we’ve actually turned the game into a tournament and the kids love it.

Fun Adams Magnetic Dart Board #ad

While you may think the Fun Adams Magnetic Dart Board would be easier than the classic game of Darts, where you have steel tips on the darts, it actually isn’t. The only part of these darts that are magnetic is the very tip, so unless your dart hits the dart board right, you won’t score.

Fun Adams Magnetic Dart Board #ad

My favorite thing about the Fun Adams Magnetic Dart Board is that is safe for kids ages 5+. With this board, you don’t have to worry about someone getting hurt or having holes in the wall from missing the target.

If you are looking for family fun that is safe for indoors and perfect for kids, the Fun Adams Magnetic Dart Board is perfect for you!

To learn more about Fun Adams Magnetic Dart Boards, check out their website HEREor order on Amazon by clicking HERE.

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