File Your Own Taxes for Free Online Using These Websites

by Crystal Carder
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Today is the first day you can officially file your own taxes online. Have you submitted your tax return yet?

If you are looking for ways to take the headache out of filing taxes, these places will let you file your taxes for free online and most of them will even walk you through all of the steps!

Where You Can File Your Taxes Online for FREE!

File Your Taxes for free Using CreditKarma

The same company you trust to check your credit score, now offers free software to file your taxes online for free. Just simply head HERE and click on ‘get started’ and let Credit Karma do the rest!

Credit Karma tax software is 100% free from start to finish plus they offer you your biggest refund, guaranteed! Use the free Credit Karma tax software to file both your state and federal refund.

Use TaxAct for Filing Simple Tax Forms

Have a simple tax return you want to file online? TaxAct is free for you! Simply head over to the TaxAct website, click on the $0 filling version – if it applies to you – and then let the website walk you through.

Since this website is only free for simple returns, this may not be your cheapest or best filing method for your 2019 taxes if you have a more complex tax situation.

Look Into TurboTax Free Edition to File Your Taxes for Free

TurboTax isn’t all free, but they do offer a free tax option for simple tax returns.

One of the best reasons to use TurboTax is the ease of filing. Plus, if you use them next year, it saves all of your information, so you don’t have to enter it again.

Use H&R Block Free Edition to File Your Taxes for Free Online

Another option for simple tax returns, H&R Block now allows you to file these returns for free from the comfort of your home. Just head to the H&R Block website and click ‘file for free.’ The free software is best  if you have a W-2, have kids & education costs.

If you are a homeowner, freelancer, or self-employed the H&R Block software will cost you. Some features you get with this software include:

  • Snap-a-pic W-2 import
  • Self-help via help center
  • Technical support (by chat)

Look Into the IRS for Filing This Year’s Taxes

If you make less than $69,000 a year, the IRS will allow you to file your taxes free software from a variety of websites. See them by clicking HERE.

If you make more than the allowed $69,000 a year, you can still access free fillable tax forms by clicking HERE.


Free Tax USA is another site that offers free filing of simple forms; more complex forms will cost a $17 filing fee.


Not all versions are free, but the simple tax forms are. E-File even claims you can have your taxes filled within 15-minutes***, making the whole tax filing process quick and painless. will allow you to file your simple 2019 tax return for free. Though more complex tax fillings will charge you, gives you everything you need including:

  • Fast electronic refunds
  • ability to file from any device
  • help and support

While there may be other websites that allow you to file your own taxes for free online, these programs are some of the most trusted ones on the internet.* I hope they help make filing your taxes a little less stressful!

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*When filing your taxes online for free at these sites use them at your own risk. Crystal Carder is simply suggesting these websites. Prices of these websites can change at any time, be sure to read fine print before filing.



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