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How to Get Exercise While on Vacation

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Exercise on Vacation


I used to be one of those people who would think, you can’t exercise on vacation. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. But, as I got older, I realized, I like to exercise. And, skipping my exercise, even for a day, just leaves me with a bunch of unused energy.

Whether you’re on vacation and planning to be traveling most of the trip, or you’re planning a family vacation, there is always some way you can fit in an exercise routine.

Check out these tips on how you can do exercise while on vacation:

1.Book hotels with fitness rooms. Even if you’re the type of person who only likes to exercise in the privacy of your home, hotel fitness rooms are still great for doing exercise. In hotels, these rooms are usually near the pool area and, most of the time, they are always empty. Whether you wake up early or go to bed late, these rooms are usually open 24-hours, so you won’t have to skip your exercise routine.

Exercise on Vacation fitness room

2. Plan a lot of activities that include walking. So, your family is taking a trip to the beach? Think there is no time for walking, you’re wrong. Choose parking spaces a ways a way from where you are going and spend an extra 5 minutes walking. Even if your trip is a business trip, get creative, there is always someway, somewhere you can walk.

3.Make time to go swimming. My kids would probably argue that swimming is the best part of any vacation, so make sure you go swimming. When vacationing to a cold area, book hotels with swimming pools. Since you can’t swim in the hot tub, try to stay out of it as much as possible. If you’re vacationing somewhere warm, you can go swimming at a beach or hotel.

Swimming on Vacation

4. Park at the end of parking lot. Whenever I go on vacation with 3 kids, my kids usually get pretty antsy during the car rides. So, whenever we go to a store or restaurant, we always park at the end of the parking lot. This way the little ones get to stretch their legs and feel more refreshed getting into the car. Parking at the end of a parking lot may not give you a ton of exercise, but it will give some.

5. Stay away from items that are made to make your life easier. Unless you absolutely need them, refrain from using items like carts for your luggage at hotels. This will leave you carrying your luggage and will in return, work as a weightlifting exercise. Only have one bag to carry, offer to carry other people in your party’s luggage. This tip will work best when you skip the elevators and take the stairs.

I would love to know how you exercise while on vacation. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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*Please consult a doctor before doing any exercises. Not all exercises are right for everyone.

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