Exciting NEW Life Announcement! What’s Happening in the Carder Family Right Now!

by Crystal Carder
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It’s been a while since I’ve talked life with you all and today I’m so excited to finally be sharing some BIG news with you all! We are beginning a new life chapter!

Last week we officially started homeschooling all 3 kids! I know, right? We had no idea we were going to be doing it, but things happened pretty fast and homeschooling was our best option.

No, there wasn’t any problem with the kid’s school, although I do believe Brantley has needed some extra help that he hasn’t been getting for a LONG time. But honestly the real reason for homeschooling the kids is that life has been moving pretty fast and its something we’ve wanted to do for a while now.

For the last 4 years we have been wondering what God wanted us to do with our lives and a few weeks ago, I feel like things have finally fell into place. We started a new church and Michael has been pursuing a career in ministry for quite some time now. A few weeks ago, Michael preached his first sermon and blew it out of the park.

And, a couple weeks ago, we started really talking and applying for a 3-month program in California that would start at the beginning of June. While we are unsure what life is going to bring us, this week Michael has left me and the kids for entire week while he does more training in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

This is the first time Michael has been gone in our 11 year marriage for more than a few hours, so it’s definitely been an adjustment for all of us this week. Especially considering I am on my own with homeschooling this week, but so far things are going amazing. I will share a review the homeschool curriculum we are using in a few days, but for now we are still in the ‘adjustment phase.’

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So, What’s Next?

While plans can change at any time, for now we are just actively pursuing wherever God leads us to. Michael is already planning to teach an evangelism series in Pennsylvania, this fall, and he’s preaching another sermon in March at a church in West Virginia. Between all of that, possibly getting ready for California, homeschooling the kids, and more, things have really been exhausting.

Leaving everything in His hands for now, and can’t wait to share what actually happens with you all! Until next time… Do you have any new or exciting news in your life right now? 

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