Everything You Need to Get Started Selling Online in 2020

by Crystal Carder
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New year, new goals. I always try to give myself some crazy goal every and see if I even come close. It gives me such a feeling of success and accomplishment at the end of the year.

This year, one of my goals is to fully dive into online selling. Last year, I started my venture with Poshmark (sign up with code CRYSTALCARDER and get a $10 credit!) but this year, I’m adding Kidizen to my selling forecast.

If you’ve thought about selling online in 2020 but wasn’t sure what you needed to get started, I’m sharing everything you need to get started selling and even a few extras that will help you jump start your selling goals.

What You Need to Get Started Selling Online in 2020


Polymailers are one of my favorite things to purchase for online selling. There are literally thousands of different ones you can purchase and you can really get some cute designs.

You can purchase polymailers by the 100 for less than $20, so your cost is less than $.20 a sell.

These ones are currently my favorite polymailers!

Everything You Need to Get Started Selling Online in 2020 81

What are polymailers used for?

Polymailers are great for shipping first class items (items that weigh less than 16 oz) because they make shipping relatively cheap.

If you’re selling only on Poshmark, you don’t technically need polymailers, but they do add a bit of color to your orders, so I always like to keep them on-hand. I’ve even packed items in polymailers as a protector before shipping in cardboard boxes.

Plastic Bags

Clear plastic bags are a big must-have when selling online. Since your item is not guaranteed to not get wet when you ship it, I like to add a little extra protection by adding my items in a clear plastic bag before shipping.

These bags can be costly, but there is a simple trick you can try to cut down on cost. These bread bags from Walmart work great as plastic bags for your items. While I will warn you, these bags do not have suffocation warning labels on. I personally don’t know the laws pertaining to this, so use these bags at your own risk! 

Free Shipping Supplies from USPS

One of the greatest things about selling on Poshmark is that you get to utilize free shipping supplies from the USPS!!

Poshmark sellers can ship everything in a USPS Priority Mail boxes at no additional cost! The three Priority Mail Boxes that I always keep on hand are the:

Whenever I ship using cardboard boxes, I always protect my item with some sort of plastic bags, not necessary, but better safe than sorry.

USPS shipping supplies are completely free to order, but these boxes MUST be used as intended.

A Printer

Depending on how much you want to sell completely depends on the type of printer you should get. For me, I went big and purchased a Rollo Thermal Printer. It was a bit costly, at first, but it has already saved me a ton on ink cartridges. If you decide to purchase this 5-star Rollo Label Printer, I suggest purchasing the Rollo Label Holder and the Rollo Shipping Labels.

It may be a little investment, but if you sell a lot it will totally be worth it. If you are on a budget, or don’t want to spend a lot of money, a simple inexpensive printer will work fine.

A Shipping Scale

If there’s one thing you invest in for your online selling career, it should most definitely be a shipping scale. For seller sites like Kidizen, you have to guess your items weight. While you may be a good guesser, being off on an items weight just 1 oz. can really cost you. Avoid the nightmare shipping story, by protecting yourself with a shipping scale.

Everything You Need to Get Started Selling Online in 2020 82

I bought this one off of Amazon a few years ago and it is less than $20.

Shipping Tape

For obvious reasons, shipping tape is something you will need a lot of. You can purchase it in bulk fairly cheap on Amazon.

A Camera

I own a DSLR, but for online selling, I find it so much easier to take photos with my cellphone camera. In fact, I do my whole listing process with just my cellphone. While a nice camera can help, I find the biggest thing that matters in selling your items is lots of photos and honesty.

Not necessities, but will help you with your online selling:

  • A Mannequin, especially if you’re only selling clothes
  • A Back Drop or Blanket for a nicer looking photo
  • A Light Ring  to get clearer photos that look more professional
  • Thank you cards to say ‘thank you’ after making a sell.
  • Tissue paper for a more personal touch (wrap your item after placing it securely in a clear plastic bag, if using colored tissue paper).

While there are a million more items you can purchase for your online selling career in 2020, the items I mentioned are the absolute necessities that you should have before selling online.

To learn more about where to sell old clothes online for cash, check out this article.

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