eShakti Custom Dress Review

I love dresses! But, unfortunately, I always have such a hard time finding the perfect one for me. You see, I’m short (5’1″) and most dresses that I like are way too long on me. Then, if I’m lucky enough to find one that isn’t too long, it’s too baggy. I have such a hard time finding dresses, that honestly I just gave up looking; thank goodness I found out about eShakti!

eShakti is a one of a kind website offering custom dresses at affordable, everyday prices! eShakti is the ONLY online retailer offering custom clothing and women’s clothing size 0-36W! USA, LLC

Ordering a custom-made dress, may sound a little daunting, but eShakti makes the whole process a breeze! Whether you are a size 0 all around, or a little curvier in areas, eShakti gives you the option to customize every part of your dress; bust, hip, shoulders, arms, under bust, under arms and waist. eShakti even lets you customize the length of your dress and sleeves!

Since eShakti’s dresses are custom, you do have to wait a little longer for your dress to be done. But no worries, because each dress gives you a custom time frame of just how long you have to wait.

For this particular dress, I waited just a few days before it shipped out. Once shipped, it shipped from New Delhi, India and was at my doorstep in just days. 

The dress I received from eShakti was perfect in every way.

The dress I choose can be found HERE and is called Asymmetric Hem Poplin ShirtDress. As you can see, this dress has a classic, elegant look to. It’s pretty plain, except for, a few buttons that go down the top half of the dress.

Getting this dress on, is a bit more complicated. The first time I tried this dress on, I panicked because I thought all the food I’ve been eating finally caught up to me. But, the secret to putting this dress on, lies within a hidden side zipper.


My favorite part about this dress, the bottom, is so pretty and unique. I’ve already gotten so many compliments on the way it ruffles down in the front and back.

eShakti Dress Review

This dress is perfect for so many occasions. Whether I’m going out to eat with my husband or I’m going to church, the possibilities for this dress are endless.

I personally think this dress would look amazing with a pair of fall booties, but, for now, it looks great with wedges and heels.


As you can see, eShakti’s custom design was completely accurate. The dress fits me to a “t” and doesn’t feel too tight or baggy on.

I love my eShakti dress and am already recommending my sisters and friends to try out their services and I think you should too!

You can check out everything eShakti has to offer by checking out their website HERE.

You can also stay up-to-date with all their new products by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

*Disclosure – received a sample of this item in exchange for her honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products that I truly love and think my readers will love.

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