A Fun-Filled Day at the Erie Zoo In Erie, Pennsylvania

by Crystal Carder
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No trip to Erie is complete without a visit to the Erie Zoo. Home to nearly 400 animals and 11 botanical gardens, the Erie Zoo has so much to offer, that you’ll easily spend a few hours there before you’re off on your next adventure.

A Fun-Filled Day at the Erie Zoo In Erie, Pennsylvania 81

Visiting the Erie Zoo

We visited the Erie Zoo on our last day in Erie, Pennsylvania, right before we left to go home. Since we knew the Erie Zoo is only 15-acres, we knew we probably wouldn’t spend a lot of time there. Though we had been to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium this year, we were excited to visit another zoo that had different animal species.

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When we arrived at the Erie Zoo, we quickly learned the day we were visiting wasn’t just any day for the zoo, it was Senior Day. This special day was evidently something the zoo does every year for the seniors in the community and their families. Because it was Senior Day on the day we visited, the zoo was a bit busier than normal and booths were sat up all around the zoo. Other than that, I really feel like we still got to experience everything the zoo had to offer and we even picked up a few extra perks by visiting on that day.

Our Time at the Erie Zoo

During our visit to the Erie Zoo, we had so much fun! The kids got to see animals that they never saw before and Michael and I got to see some of our favorite animals in a way we had never seen them before.

A Fun-Filled Day at the Erie Zoo In Erie, Pennsylvania 83

Unlike many zoos where the animals are far away, the Erie Zoo has viewing areas that bring the animals right up to you.

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While we were visiting the zoo, we even noticed that many of the animals there just seemed more lively and happier than they do at most zoos.

Animals at Erie Zoo

Besides the close animal encounters, the Erie Zoo also displays their animals in a way that I actually liked better. Instead of having each of the same types of species together, the Erie Zoo spreads the animals out around the zoo. This way there’s not a thousand people crowding in one building and you actually have more of a chance to see the animal you came to see.

Our day at the Erie Zoo only lasted about two hours, but we had such a fun experience there that it quickly became one of our favorite places in Erie.

If you’re visiting Erie, Pennsylania, I highly recommend visting the Erie Zoo for a few hours of fun.

To learn more about the zoo, visit the zoo’s website HERE. Also be sure to check out my post on some of our other favorite places in Erie like Waldameer and Scallywags Pirate Adventures.

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A Fun-Filled Day at the Erie Zoo

Your turn, have you ever been to the Erie Zoo? I would love for you to tell me about your experience at the zoo in the comment below.


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