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Easy Pickled Eggs with Beets Recipe

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I seriously cannot believe Easter is one month away, can you? This year, I am trying to get a head start on picking out things for the kid’s Easter baskets, but it seriously seems like I buy the same things every year.

During my last trip to Walmart, I decided to look at the Easter candy and it all brought back memories of my childhood. That’s when I saw they had beets for $.50 a can. That made me think of my mom’s easy pickled eggs she always makes, so I grabbed a few cans and a gallon jar of white vinegar and headed home.

 I’m not sure about your family but pickled eggs never last long at my house. 

easy pickled eggs with beets recipe

This Easy Pickled Egg recipe uses beets and only takes 15 minutes to make. I recommend buying a 1 gallon glass jar like this ONE, but any old jar will do.

This recipe can easily be made by anyone old enough to work the stove and, on the plus side it is high in protein and meatless.


These pickled eggs fly out of the jar at my house, but you can always add more eggs to the jar within the first couple days – I just wouldn’t recommend adding more after the first week.

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Easy Pickled Egg recipe


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