A Historic Landmark, Casselman River Bridge State Park

by Crystal Carder
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If you are traveling through Western Maryland and find yourself near a small town called, Grantsville, you have to make time for a short visit to the Casselman River Bridge State Park. This place is just a few minutes off of Interstate 68, close to a popular local restaurant, Penn Alps.

The Casselman River Bridge State Park isn’t your average state park, but it is a historic landmark that the whole family will love seeing.

Casselman River Bridge

About Casselman River Bridge

Built in 1813-14, the Casselman River Bridge is an 80-foot stone arch bridge once used as part of the National Road that linked the Ohio River with Cumberland, Maryland.

The bridge is now closed to any motor traffic, but people can still walk the bridge throughout the year for free.  if you decide to walk the bridge, be sure to take the time to visit the Spruce Forest Artisan Village that the bridge now takes you to.

What You Need to Know Before You Go

While you are planning your visit to the Casselman Bridge, there are some things you should know. Since the bridge is located in Western Maryland, the small town of Grantsville does suffer some cold, wintry winters. That means you may want to plan your visit for sometime in the spring, summer, or early fall when the weather is warmer.

Grantsville is also a 4-season area, so take note that whatever season you visit in, you will probably be surrounded by the scenes of the season. (fall leaves, winter snow, spring greens, summer sunshine)

Unlike some Maryland State parks, admission and parking are always free at the Casselman State Bridge the park.

If you are planning on visiting the bridge, I recommend planning out your visit and looking for other local landmarks nearby, as your visit isn’t likely to last all day.

Things to Do

A visit to the Casselman River Bridge State Park is a perfect idea for a slow Sunday afternoon. Every year, the park attracts fisherman, history buffs, and photographers from all over.

Casselman River Bridge
If you haven’t heard of the Casselman River from the popular Game & Fish magazine, the water that flows beneath the bridge is very popular for fly fishing. This popular river has been featured in few fishing tournaments and attracts hundreds of fisherman each year.

Other than fishing, the state park offers a picturesque view for photographers. Many people come to the Casselman to have senior, landscape, family, or wedding pictures done. The backdrop the bridge provides makes for stunning photos

Casselman River Bridge

If you plan a visit to the Casselman Bridge, be sure to pack a picnic lunch and have a nice afternoon meal, at one of the few picnic tables the park offers. 

Casselman River Bridge

Why We Love the Casselman River Bridge State Park

The Casselman River Bridge State Park has always been close to my home, so my family visits it a lot throughout the year and we will always keep coming back. We love how it is free to visit and it connects us to nature and history.

This park is truly one of Maryland’s finest hidden gems.

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