Delicious Kiwi Mango Smoothie

by Crystal Carder
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I always thought I would grow up and eat healthily, but somewhere along the lines, life happened. And, then I became a mom. Being a mom it’s tough to eat healthily. I often sacrifice the time I need to make healthy foods in order to get my kids ready for school.

These past few months, though, I’ve been thinking about just how unhealthy I eat. In an attempt to go healthier, I am working on a complete lifestyle change. Along with running and some other changes, changing my diet is my number one priority.

In an attempt to change my diet, I’m getting real serious about what I put into my body. Instead of not eating for breakfast, I’m turning to smoothies.

Smoothies are probably one of my most favorite things to make because they are so versatile. You can put anything in them and they take practically no time to make.

The Kiwi Mango smoothie I made this morning was one I made with fruit that needed to be used up, so it wasn’t something I would normally make. I usually add berries, but this time I tried something new.

The result, a delicious yummy smoothie.

Ready to try this smoothie?



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