David Jeremiah’s Airship Genesis Kid’s Study Bible Review

by Crystal Carder
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My children love airplanes and jets and anything else that flies in the sky. So, when I got the opportunity to to review the Airship Genesis Kid’s Study Bible, I couldn’t resist. 



The Airship Genesis Kid’s Study Bible is an exciting adventure through God’s word in the New King James Version.

Although, I had no idea what to expect of this Bible, I did learn a lot about it by visiting the book’s website.

In the Airship Genesis Bible, Pastor David Jeremiah teaches children God’s word by inviting them on exciting missions. Throughout this Bible, children are given; mission overviews, power forces, Bible Blasts, Rupert reports, logos discoveries and Bible Heroes – all so they can study the Bible.

When I first showed my children this Bible, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The colors of the hardcover Bible weren’t appealing, but my kids immediately picked out the Airship. They thought it was so cool. Right away, my children were asking for me to read the Bible to them.

Inside the Bible, I was pretty impressed. Every page had color. And, we were able to meet a pretty cool squad, the Genesis Exploration Squad. 

The Genesis Exploration Squad is comprised of 5 kids, a monkey and Rupert who is the artificial intelligence for the squad. Throughout the Bible, my kids were given Power Forces from the squad that gave kids a mission like, being proactive.

The Airship Genesis Bible by David Jeremiah is such a fun Bible and it makes God’s word clear. While this Bible is recommended for children 7-11, I like it so much that I’ve even been studying from it.

To learn more about the David Jeremiah’s Airship Genesis Kid’s Study Bible go HERE.

Looking to purchase this Bible go HERE.


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