Morning Routines Just Got a LOT Easier With CozyPhones Wireless Contour Sleep Headphones

by Crystal Carder
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Mornings as a mom can be brutal. We’re up all night taking care of the kids and then in the mornings, we are expected to wake up and take care of them all over again. We barely get any sleep.

That’s why I make sure to wake up earlier than my kids, every morning. I need a few minutes of me time to function before I start the day. A few minutes to clear my head and drink a cup of coffee while I listen to my favorite songs. Of course, I don’t listen to music on the radio, anymore. Instead, I listen to my songs through headphones. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about my newest find, CozyPhones, they make my morning routine so much easier!

Morning Routines Just Got a LOT Easier With CozyPhones Wireless Contour Sleep Headphones 75

Unlike regular headphones, I never have to worry about CozyPhones falling out of my ears or having to readjust them. That’s because CozyPhones are fleece headband headphones.

Cozyphones Fleece Headphones review

Designed with your needs in mind, CozyPhones Wireless Contour Headphones are comfortable and can be worn for hours at a time. Using Bluetooth connectivity, these headphones have no noticeable wires and can connect to any Bluetooth compatible device. Plus, if you’ve ever connected something through Bluetooth, connecting CozyPhones will be as simple as 1-2-3. If not, Cozyphones come with a complete guide to help you get set up.

Although,CozyPhones do need to be charged, they do come with a USB charger and only take two hours to get to a complete charge. Once charged, these headphones can be worn for up to 6 hours of radio time. Whenever you are done wearing the headphones, you can even wash them on cold, by removing the speakers.

Morning Routines Just Got a LOT Easier With CozyPhones Wireless Contour Sleep Headphones 76

My Review of CozyPhones Wireless Contour Headphones

Since receiving the CozyPhones Wireless Contour Headphones, I can’t believe how much I love them! These are literally the headphones I have been looking for, for years. They are so comfortable to wear that I can actually wear them to bed without irritating my ears – this is actually pretty amazing if you deal with a snoring partner or have trouble sleeping at night. I can even pull CozyPhones over my eyes at night and use them as a sleep mask -while still listening to music! Plus, in the mornings, if I have time for a jog, these headphones are perfect for active lifestyles.

Cozyphones Fleece Headphones review

Besides being comfortable, CozyPhones Wireless Contour Headphones are lightweight and have a cool mesh lining. Available in three different colors; violet, black, and gray; these headphones are great for the whole family.

If you haven’t tried CozyPhones yet, you have nothing to loose because the company offers a 100% money back guarantee policy.

You can learn more about CozyPhones at their website, Amazon, Facebook,  Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Be sure to check out CozyPhones line of character fleece headphones for kids, too!

Cozyphones Fleece Headphones review



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