7 Christian Songs That Help With Feelings of Depression

by Crystal Carder
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If you’ve ever dealt with feelings of depression, these 7 Christian songs by these various artists will help you get through those feelings.

7 Christian Songs that help with feelings of depression

7 Christian Songs to Help With Depression

We all deal with feelings of depression at some point or another in our lives. For some of us, we pull through it and are feeling better in a few days, but for others those feelings last longer. As someone who has gone through some tough times, these 7 songs have helped me to place my faith in God.

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them;
he delivers them from all their troubles. -Psalm 34:17

If you’re struggling with depression and need a song to help get you through, these 7 Christian songs will help you tremendously. Just listen to the words and you’re sure to be touched.

Casting Crowns – “Oh My Soul

Casting Crowns are one of my favorite Christian artists and throughout the years they have had some really amazing songs. “Oh, My Soul” is one of my personal favorites and one I have listened to over and over. This song talks about how our soul gets weary and reminds us we are not alone. The song reminds us that even when we fear we’re not strong enough, we can give our fears and troubles to God.

Favorite lyrics in the song: “One more day, he will make a way…”

MercyMe –  “Even If

MercyMe’s “Even If” is a song that got me through quite a bit in my life. When we go through feelings of depression it’s easy to blame God, but this song lays it out there – God is our only hope. It’s easy for us to praise Him when life is easy, but when it gets hard, we sometimes stray from Him or blame Him. “Even If” is that simple reminder that God is our only hope and He can do anything.

Favorite lyrics in the song: “It’s easy to sing when there’s nothing holding me down…”

Big Daddy Weave –  “Hold Me Jesus

I just recently realized how amazing Big Daddy Weave is in Christian music. All of the band’s songs are amazing, but when you’re going through a sad time, “Hold Me Jesus” is a song that can feel so comforting when you’re hurting so bad. With lyrics that remind you of those times when life doesn’t make sense and your faith starts to struggle – “hold me Jesus…”

Favorite lyrics in the song: “So hold me Jesus, cause I’m shaking like a leaf…”

Third Day “Cry Out to Jesus”

Third Day’s “Cry Out to Jesus” has been out for quite a few years, but the words of this song are still so powerful. A song about people with burdens and pain and the feelings of doom, this song reminds us that there is someone who can make it all better – “cry out to Jesus.”

Favorite lyrics in the song: “There is hope for the helpless. Rest for the weary. And love for the broken heart. And there is grace and forgiveness. Mercy and healing, He’ll meet you wherever you are – Cry out to Jesus…”

Jeremy Camp “The Answer”

Life is full of trials, but Jeremy Camp’s “The Answer” reminds us that there’s one simple answer for everything. That no matter what we go through, there’s just one answer and it’s Jesus. When we’re fighting through depression and sorrow, He is always there, holding our weight. This song is a simple reminder of how much we need Jesus.

Favorite lyrics in the song: “Jesus, He is the answer…”

Crowder “Red Letters”

I just recently heard Crowder’s song “Red Letters” come on the radio and it spoke to me the first time I heard it. The song which is about a man who is in prison with Hell as his destiny becomes saved by reading the red letters of God (the Bible). If you’ve ever felt like you’ve done something that God would never forgive, this song is a simple reminder that He can set you free. He can wash any sin away and He loves you. 

Favorite lyrics in the song: It would take a miracle to wash me clean, then I read the red letters…”

MercyMe – “I Can Only Imagine

MercyMe’s I Can Only Imagine is my hand’s down favorite Christian song for helping with feelings of depression and loss. This song, which won numerous awards, talks about heaven and how amazing it will be. Although we don’t know what we’ll do or how we will feel, we can imagine that that day is going to be amazing like God promised.

Favorite lyrics in the song: “Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still?…”

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7 Christian Songs that help with feelings of depression

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