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Carnegie Science Center: Inspiring Young Scientist to Come to Life

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I received complimentary tickets to Carnegie Science Center in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

My kids are always role playing, so the day when my 7-year old came home and said he was a scientist, I figured it was just the phase of the day. Then, the next day came, and the next, and it wasn’t long before I realized, I needed to find a place where he could go and let his inner-scientist come to life.

That’s when I thought of Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although, I hadn’t been there since my 4th grade end of the year field trip, I remember it being such a fun and cool place.

The Carnegie Science Center

If you’re not familiar with Carnegie Science Center, you should know that it is one of four Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh. Opened since October 1991, the science has grown a lot in it’s short 26 years.

Location of Carnegie Science Center

While the exact address of Carnegie Science Center is:

One Allegheny Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212

You’re going to love the actual location of the museum! Located directly between two of Pittsburgh’s biggest staples; Heinz Field (a.k.a the stadium where the Steelers play) and Three River’s Casino, the center is very easily accessible to downtown.

Bringing Little Scientist To Life

Carnegie Science Center has so much to offer your family during your visit! With 4-floors of exhibits, it’s own planetarium, a theater, and a submarine; the science center is fun for all ages.
The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA A great place for kids (hosted)

Kids can pretend to be astronauts in the main level, or they can explore further and play with real robots in roboworld®.

This BioMechanical Hand was gigantic, but my kids were able to use computer controls to make the hand move and the fingers bend. They absolutely loved all the robots on this level and we spent quite a bit of time here.

The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA A great place for kids (hosted)

The kids even got to get a picture with these Star Wars characters in roboworld®. 

While roboworld® was one of our favorite floors in the science center, the Minature Railroad & Village was a close second.

Located on the second floor, the Miniature Railroad & Village was huge and very elaborate. The railroad was even incredibly accurate with it’s remakes of some of Pennsylvania’s attractions including; Fallingwater, Punxsutawney Phil at Gobbler’s Knob, Luna Park, and Pittsburgh’s incline plane.

The kids not only loved checking out some of the elaborate features of the railroad, but they also got to blow a train horn during the walk-through.

Some of the other more notable things the science center had included; an Exploration Station and a Little Learners Clubhouse for kids under 6 years old.

USS Requin Submarine

One thing that our tickets included was an outside exhibit, the USS Requin Submarine. This submarine was an actual, once used submarine that used to have an 80 man crew.

During the tour of the submarine, you can’t touch anything, but you can walk through the submarine; from front to back.

Although my younger children didn’t want to walk on the submarine because of the narrow walkway leading up to the submarine, my oldest son loved the self-guided walk through tour.

The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA A great place for kids (hosted)

Other than the memorabilia that was plastered throughout the tour, the submarine was a very cool experience because everything was still exactly how it was when it was in use. 

The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA A great place for kids (hosted)

If you are planning on touring the USS Reguin Submarine, you should note that some spots in the submarine are very narrow and not that easy to navigate.

The Rangos Giant Cinema

It is not often that you find a place that has their own theater, but Carnegie Science Center does. The Rangos Giant Cinema is bigger, bolder, and better than other theaters.

The cinema may only has one theater room, but everything else about this place is just like an actual movie theater. On the outside, guest can purchase things like popcorn and drinks; while on the inside, the movie theater is huge and lacks no seating. 

The day we visited, we watched the educational film; Tiny Giants in 3-D. This was the first time we had ever watched a 3-D movie and the experience was awesome. The movie screen was huge, so the animals almost felt like they were actually coming out at us. In fact, one time my 3-year old put her head down in fear that the animals were actually real.

The Rangos Giant Cinema is not included in your regular ticket purchase, but it is a great add-on to include. Your family will love the movies and you will learn things you will love learning things that you never knew.

Highmark SportsWorks®

Directly beside the Carnegie Science Center, is the newer, red Highmark SportsWorks® building. This building is probably one of the busier building at the science center and is so much fun! Offering activities like; wall climbing, rope challenges, human yo-yo experience, and so much more, your family is sure to have a blast here.

To be honest, we almost didn’t have enough time before the center closed to visit Highmark SportsWorks®. We actually arrived at the center right around opening time, but there was so much to do that it wasn’t until about 3 o’clock, two-hours before closing time, that we got time to come here.

The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA A great place for kids (hosted)

Highmark SportsWorks® is one of those places that when you walk in, your eyes almost immediately light-up and you want to act like a kid again and play. This place is so much fun! But, unfortunately, with fun, comes long lines. This center is so busy, that you will have to leave some time for waiting – but it’s well worth it.

Most of the exhibits inside of Highmark SportsWorks® don’t seem like activities that would incorporate science, but they actually use fundaments of science, physics and other types of science to teach kids that science is everywhere!

The Highmark Sportsworks® is such a fun and unique experience, that you have to make sure you visit it before you leave the center.

Gift Shop

Back in Carnegie Science Center, right when you walk in, the center has a huge gift shop offering your little scientist things like; stuffed animals, robots, and magnets. The gift shop has things as cheap as .50 cents, so even on a budget, you can buy your little ones something to take home.

While we didn’t have enough time to visit everything at Carnegie Science Center, like the Planetarium, the center is so much fun! If you would like to plan your trip to the center, you can find everything you need to know online at Carnegie Science Center’s website.

You can also follow the center on social media to stay up-to-date on cool events and even free admission days.

Carnegie Science Center on Social Media

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