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The Truth Behind Car Rides With Kids


14 Things That Happen During a Car Ride with Kids USA, LLC

After a little more than 5 years of being a parent and 3 kids, my husband and I have learned a lot of truths about car rides with kids. Constantly being in the car with our little ones we are always reminded of these truths:

1. Suddenly getting all excited whenever you’re passing a Walmart Mack truck but being completely clueless to passing anything else on the highway.

2. You can easily navigate your way to every local gas station, convenient store, and market’s bathroom, but you still have trouble finding your keys.

3. Your playlist includes more of your children’s favorite songs, rather than, any of yours.

4. There is no such thing as a quick stop or a quick trip because, no matter what, someone always has to pee.

5. You know the exact time you can be on the road before your kids get cranky, so you plan your trips around them.

6. You insist on not leaving too early, in fear that your children may go to sleep in the car and then be too wound-up to go to bed.

7. Your car always stinks because someone is always losing a dirty milk bottle or shoving food between the seats.

8. The only thing you can see out of your windows are tiny finger and hand prints.

9. You think that sitting with your seat completely pushed up towards the dash is normal. You’ve also become numb to the constant kicking on your back.

10. Your feet never touch the floor because Barbie, Lightening McQueen and a handful of Hot Wheels take up ALL of your floor space.

11. Your cup-holders are always filled with sippy cups while you are stuck holding all of your drinks.

12. You arrive late to all your appointments because you had to stop so many times to pee, get a drink or eat, none of which you did.

13. You get frequent looks from other cars who hear your kids screaming from the backseat or waving their hands out the windows.

14. The drive-thru suddenly become a no, no. Not only do the people at McDonald’s think you’re ordering the whole restaurant, which you probably have to, to feed that army, but your kids have now discovered talking to the drive thru lady and you never know what they will say.

So, parents do you find these to be true with your children?

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