5 Ways Busy Moms Can Find Time to Exercise Every Day!

by Crystal Carder
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Being a mom is one of the most rewarding things about my life. I love being a mom, but being a mom does not come without a lot of sacrifices. One of those sacrifices is that I never have time for myself. I am so busy making sure my kids are happy and taken care of that sometimes doing the things I need to do, never happens.

If you’re a busy mom and want to find time to finally lose weight this New Year, these tips are simple ways, even a busy working mom like you can finally have time to do.

5 Ways Busy Moms Can Find Time to Exercise

how busy moms can find time for exercise

Exercise During Nap Time

When you’re a busy mom, the sound of your child sleeping can be so relaxing. Instead of spending nap times catching up on your favorite shows, spend nap time exercising. Even if your child only naps for 20-minutes, a 20-minute workout can be instrumental in helping you lose weight.

If the thought of missing out on a relaxing nap time bothers you, exercise during nap time 2-3 times a week and spend the other time catching up on other important things.

Make the Most of Household Chores

Household chores are the worst! As a busy mom, I feel like that’s where all of my extra time goes to. It’s like the chores never stop. That’s why household chores are the perfect, easy way to fit in some time for exercise. Exercising during household chores is not only simple, but it makes doing the chores a lot more fun.

To get the most out of your household chores, try turning on your favorite workout jams and dancing while doing a simple household task like sweeping the floor, vacuuming the floor, and while doing dishes.

For an extra clean house and toner body, try completing these simple household task that burns a lot of calories just by doing them; cleaning the windows, hand scrubbing the floor, and wiping down the walls.

Skip the Stroller

As a busy mom, sometimes the last thing I want to do is carry my child. But, as any mom knows, kids are bound to want to be carried whether or not you have a stroller with you.

Next time your child asks you to carry them for a short period of time, skip the stroller and actually carry them. Since a child adds at least 5 extra pounds of weight, carrying them is a great way to help get your body toned.

Make Exercise a Family Affair

Busy working moms value their family time, so why not make getting in shape a family affair. Next time your family is looking for something to do, try taking a walk together or playing tag with the kids outside.

Go Old-Fashion

Growing up in a world that is full of motorized this and that, it’s no wonder we’ve all gotten a bit lazy. Next time you go outside and attempt to mow the lawn, try going a little old-fashion and skip mowing with a riding mower and use a push mower instead. Or, if you are splitting firewood, don’t use the wood splitter and hand split your wood instead.

Using the old-fashion way of living will help you burn far more calories than any new technology could ever let you do.

This year, let’s stop using the busy mom excuse and finally make the time to exercise! What are some ways you find time to exercise during your day?

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