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Build-A-Head Review: Custom Cutout Heads Are So Much Fun

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*I received a custom cutout sample from Build-A-Head with no strings attached. Because I like to share about products I love with my readers, I have decided to create a post so you can check them out too!

A few weeks ago, the folks at Build-A-Head reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in sampling a few of their custom cutout heads. After a quick glance of their website, I didn’t hesitate to say, yes, and sent some photos that were already on my phone over to them.

It was literally the next day when I opened my email and found a tracking number. Being a blogger, I thought that maybe they were trying to impress me, so they sent my shipment faster than other customers, but that was not the case. Build-A-Head prides themselves on next day shipment for anyone that orders before the cutoff time. (that’s pretty amazing if you ask me)!

When my shipment arrived, I decided to wait until my boys got home, so I could surprise all of them with their huge heads. Needless to say, my kids LOVED their Build-A-Heads and wanted to show them off to EVERYONE. 

Build-A-Head #buildahead custom head cutouts reviewWhile Build-A-Head is a face cutout company, they do offer more than just custom face cutouts. Some of the products they offer include; photobooth props, custom signs, life-size standups, and even Emoji face cutouts.

Along with sending me three custom face cutouts, Build-A-Head even sent me an emoji face cutout. While I loved all of the cutouts, my 7-year old claimed the emoji cutout all for himself. 

Build-A-Head #buildahead custom head cutouts review

Build-A-Head custom heads are seriously so much fun! Besides being fun to play with, Build-A-Heads are great for showing team support, showing someone support when they are missing, and adding a little fun to parties. Not only are their custom heads designed to last, but the print quality is amazing. The pictures I sent over were just simple iPhone photos and the heads had no evidence of being such.

Along with offering great products, Build-A-Head has been featured by; ESPN, CNBC, Sports Illustrated, and many other major brands.

Contributing their success on fun, quick shipments, great customer service, simple design process, and plenty of options; Build-A-Head has built up a very large loyal following. Check them out yourself on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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