Tough On Stains and Odors Biz Stain Fighting Products Review

by Crystal Carder
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No matter if you’re living with kids or selling clothes on Poshmark, clothes are bound to get stained. That’s why I trust Biz Stain Fighter Products to fight tough stains like grass, sweat, and food grease.

Tough On Stains and Odors Biz Stain Fighting Products Review 81

Until recently, I never tried to get stains out of clothing. It was just too hard. When something I loved got stained, I thought I would have to live with it. Sometimes it was even heartbreaking just to know that my favorite item was ruined or that I wasted a lot of money on an item I could no longer wear.

After I decided to start selling clothes online, though, I knew there had to be a way to get tough stains out of clothes that I wanted to sell, so I started searching. That’s when I found Biz Stain Fighting products.

Tough On Stains and Odors Biz Stain Fighting Products Review 82

Biz Stain Fighting products is proven to beat leading brands and cleans up to 80% better than detergent alone!

Biz Stain Fighting products are just what I needed to get rid of all those stubborn, hard stains from my favorite items. Available in three different stain fighting forms; Biz Liquid Boosters, Biz Powder, and Biz Liquid, Biz Stain Fighting products can be added with your favorite detergent or used as a stain fighting booster during your wash cycle.

Using Biz Stain Fighter Products

Using Biz Stain Fighting products is as simple as doing your laundry. Just, add Biz Stain Fighting Liquid Boosters with your regular laundry detergent and watch as stains disappear. When using Biz Liquid, you can add Biz to every load to boost the power of your detergent or pre-treat stains by rubbing it gently on the stained area and then washing it.

When using the original form of Biz, Biz Powder, add it to every load, pre-soak, or pre-treat stained items before washing.

While you may want to use Biz Stain Fighting Products just for the laundry room, you can even use the stain fighting power of Biz to clean surfaces all over the home.

Why I LOVE Biz Stain Fighting Products

Since using these 3 Biz Stain Fighting Products, I don’t think I will ever use anything else on my tough stains again! These products require little to no extra work to use, so I can still have time to do what I need to do, while my items are getting a deep clean.

When my clothes are done washing, they come out fresher and cleaner than ever before! In fact, I even use Biz with my every day laundry and on clothing that isn’t stained just because clothes look and smell so much better when I use Biz products in my laundry.

If you are wanting to try these Biz Stain Fighting products, you can print out this coupon to save $1 on your purchase. To learn more about what Biz products can do, check out the Biz website HERE.

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Tough On Stains and Odors Biz Stain Fighter Products Review

I received a sample of this item in exchange for my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

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