We Added to the Family – Meet Betty!

by Crystal Carder
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For those of you who have been following Crystal Carder for quite some time, you probably know we have a 1.5-year-old Yorkie named Teddy.

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Teddy is the sweetest, most friendly Yorkie you will probably ever meet. Teddy lets the kids do whatever they want with him and he loves getting decorated up with hair stuff and clothes – he seriously has a crazy fascination for my Zoey’s hair stuff, so crazY! 

Well a few months ago, I got something in my crazy head that I probably should have just let go, but then I told Michael about it. Of course, once I told Michael about it, he liked the idea so much that he wouldn’t let it go. The idea – Teddy needed a wife and we should name her Betty and one day they could have Freddy and Eddy! Totally random, I know, but in my head, it sounded really cute.

Fast forward to Labor Day 2019 and – meet Betty! We actually only drove to Altoona, Pennsylvania to get her, so it was a lot shorter than the trip to Ohio we made for Teddy and she is absolutely most adorable little Yorkie girl.

We Added to the Family - Meet Betty! 81

She only weighed a little over 1 pound when we got her and Teddy was absolutely terrified the first time he met her. I’m not sure if it was because of his incident (read about it here) he had a few months ago, or just because she was new, but he would not get around her for a few days.

Of course, now that Teddy realizes he’s stuck with her, they play together so well. Teddy is even eating more –ha! because little Miss Betty is a complete piglet – she loves food – and Teddy is totally afraid she’ll eat it all.

So while I haven’t posted much about Betty on social media, it’s finally time to make it official and introduce you all to Betty!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks about all thing puppy related and more!

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