Easiest Packing Tip Ever – Best Way to Pack Clothes for a Trip

by Crystal Carder
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Hey guys! Today I am packing for a trip. The family and I will be leaving in a few days to visit sunny Florida! It’s a vacation we’ve been wanting to take forever and it’s almost finally here!! So since I’m stuck packing the whole family’s duffel bags, I’ve decided to share some of the best ways to pack clothes for 4-8 year olds. These packing tips actually work for all ages, but since I mainly use them for my kids, I’m recommending them for those ages.

These packing tips have more than saved me my sanity when packing and they are so helpful! Whenever we’re on vacation, the kids can grab their clothes for the day, out of the duffel bag without messing up their clothes for the next day.

By adding these simple packing tricks to your vacation packing, you will have less of a chance to forget important necessities at home and more of a chance of being prepared on vacation.

Best Way to Pack Clothes for a Trip

Easiest Packing Tip Ever - Best Way to Pack Clothes for a Trip 81

Should I Use a Suitcase or a Duffel Bag?

In my experience, duffel bags are the best way to pack. Duffel bags are more versatile and easier to fit in tight spaces. With duffel bags, you can usually pack much more in them and they come in a variety of large and smaller sizes. If you’re packing for more than one person, I think duffel bags tend to take up the least amount of room.

I just purchased these duffel bags from Amazon for the whole family and they are huge! I’m not a hundred percent sold on the material used on these bags, but these bags come with a one year warranty, so I shouldn’t have to worry about having any issues.

Whenever you’re packing a suitcase, suitcases tend to have less room and can be much bulkier to carry. Although suitcases are generally made more high quality and have wheels, if you’re packing for more than one person, suitcases take up a lot of room.

Easiest Packing Tip EVER!

Whenever you’re packing for your child’s duffel bag, I recommend getting everything your kid is going to wear out in front of you. This includes:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Pants/Shorts
  • T-Shirts

Once everything is out in front of you, begin creating outfits for every day of your trip.

After you have your outfits gathered, begin by folding your child’s shorts or pants in half by length.

Once you have folded your child’s bottoms in half, lay the folded shirt that goes with that day’s outfit on one-half of the shorts.

On top of the shirt, add socks and underwear. Fold the shorts in half. This is what your outfit should look like before you fold the shorts.

Easiest Packing Tip Ever - Best Way to Pack Clothes for a Trip 82

After you fold your child’s shorts or pants, you should have neat stacks that your child can easily grab.Easiest Packing Tip Ever - Best Way to Pack Clothes for a Trip 83

When you place these neatly folded together outfits in your child’s duffel bag or suitcase, it should look neat and be easy grabbing for your child.

Easiest Packing Tip Ever - Best Way to Pack Clothes for a Trip 84

I hope this packing tip helps you and your family next time you pack for a trip, as much as it helped mine. For more travel tips visit my travel section on my top menu and stay tuned for adventure post from our Florida vacation coming soon!

easiest packing tip ever

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