Best Travel Apps for Google Play

by Crystal Carder
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Whenever its time to go on vacation, there are thousands of travel apps available to help you in the Google Play Store. Many of them are pointless, but there are a few that I personally use and cannot recommend enough!

These travel apps help make travel easier, less expensive, and more fun. Since these apps are all free, I think you will love them too, so be sure to check all of them out!


GasBuddy has saved my family tons of money. Instead of spending more money on gas, GasBuddy lets you know the price of gas from all the locations around you. This is especially convenient whenever you are on vacation and are looking for somewhere to get gas.

GasBuddy relies on real users to enter real-time gas prices, so you can find the cheapest gas within a reasonable distance. Plus, users who enter gas prices, get entered into a drawing to win gift cards for gas.


There are so many hotel and car booking apps available in Google Play, but Expedia is my personal favorite. Expedia’s hotel prices are guaranteed to be the best and their app even uses your location to find hotels near you!

Google Maps

Google Maps is the only GPS app that I trust to take my family on vacation. Google Maps is a very accurate navigation tool that can estimate your arrival time, warn you of any delays and even show you an exact zoom of where you are going using Google Maps. In my years of traveling, there has only been one map I’ve been willing to trust and its this one because it’s so accurate.

Police Scanner 

I may be pretty nosy, but when I am on vacation, I always like to know where the sirens are heading. The Police Scanner app allows you to listen to a real-time police scanner feed to hear what’s going on.


This app allows you to organize and share your travel plans. From storing your past trips to planning your upcoming trip, Tripit keeps everything you need organized and easy to find.

 Vacation Countdown

While this app does not technically come in handy while on vacation, it does give you something to look forward to after booking your vacation. The Vacation Countdown app gives you a real countdown of how long you have before your trip.

Next time you plan a vacation, you are not going to want to leave home without these apps!

Do you have any favorite travel apps that I didn’t mention in this post?

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