These Amazing Apps Will Pay Your Cellphone Bill

by Crystal Carder
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If you’ve found yourself searching for change in the couch pockets after a just getting paid, this post is for you! This post will teach you how you can earn real money every month on your cellphone and earn enough money to pay your cellphone bill every month.

These apps are all free to signup and take practically no time to get started. So, what are you waiting for, go earn some extra money!

This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy to learn more. These apps will only help you earn a small amount of money to save on your cellphone bill.

Apps That Will Pay Your Cellphone Bill Every Month

Apps That Will pay your cell phone bill every month


I’ve been Shopkick-ing for years, on and off and I love it! Shopkick earns you money simply by shopping (say what?!). Walk into stores like Target, Best Buy, American Eagle (and a ton of other stores too) and you will get points. But, that’s not all. If you have a few extra minutes, you can scan items in the store for extra kicks. You can even ask the cashier, at select locations, (Best Buy is awesome for this!) to scan your Shopkick barcode before purchase and get kicks for your purchase. 

Shopkick is so easy to earn points that I’ve even earned gift cards in just one day!!


GigWalk is an app that works better in crowded areas because it pays you to do random jobs. These jobs can be a variety of things and you’ll work as an independent contractor. Some gigs only pay a small amount, but the money can really add up fast. To get the most out of GigWalk, be sure to check the app throughout the day, as jobs are often listed throughout the day and week.


Chekpoints has never really been one of my favorite ways to earn rewards, but it is still an option so I will list it. Checkpoints basically has the same concept as Shopkick, except it offers games and lotteries for even more rewards. I’ve personally never played around with Checkpoints too much, the few times I did use it, I never really made enough points to make a big enough reward. Still, if you have the extra time on your hands or shop a lot, this app is worth checking out.


Ibotta is an app that pays you just to buy your groceries. Simply download the app, find the store you will be shopping at, click on the products you will be buying and then scan your recipt, or link your store rewards card. Ibotta will reward you with real cash just for buying things you already buy.

Ibotta does have a minimum cash out balance, but it does not take long to meet the minimum when you’re using it every day.

Field Agent

Field Agent is an app I used a long time ago, but stopped because of the lack of jobs in my area. Field Agent is another app where you are an independent contractor and can take “jobs” to be a mystery shopper or auditor. The “jobs” are generally easy to do and take just a few minutes. In the past, I have done mystery shopping with Field Agent at places like Dollar General and Walmart. This app is really good if you live near a bigger area since you’re likely to get more jobs, but still works in rural areas, too.

Those are the apps that I’ve tried in the past earn money/gift cards. While you won’t get rich with any of these apps, you may be able to earn just enough to pay your cellphone bill every month. Do you have any other apps that you use for earning real money that isn’t on this list? I would love for you to share them in the comments below.

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Apps that will pay your cell phone bill every month

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