After 9 Years of Marriage, One Thing I Wish I Did At My Wedding

by Crystal Carder
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When I got married, I didn’t really care about having an expensive wedding. I thought I could have my wedding on a budget, so I took precautions to cut the cost. It never really bothered me – until now…

If you’re getting married, cut the cost on whatever you want, but please don’t cut the cost on this one thing – you will seriously regret it if you do.

This year, my husband and I have been married for 9 years. For some, 9 years might seem like a really long time, but for me – it flew by.

In 9 years, it’s safe to say, we’ve had our share of happy moments. We’ve had three kids, went on numerous vacations together, and we’ve shared in each other’s big life changes. But, in 9 years, we’ve also had our share of sad moments. We’ve lost numerous aunts and uncles, grandparents, and other loved ones; something, we never really thought about when we got married.

If there was one thing I could do over at our wedding, it would be to take more photos. After our wedding, our family never ALL got together with each other again, until someone passed. By then, it was too late. Some of the only photos I have of my loved ones are now just mere images where my they are in the background and you can’t really see them.

Take photos. Take lots of photos…

Oddly enough, the pictures that every bride thinks they need like; the ring, dress, and the ones showing off their hair, are the pictures that mean the least. The pictures that I really cherish are the ones that turned out bad, but because I can still see my lost loved one smiling and laughing in them, I love them.

If I would have only known the twist and turns life would take, I would have begged my photographer to take more photos of everyone else and less of me.

Some of the photos we took at our wedding, are the only photos my whole family even has of us all together. My parents still have the photos of my dad’s whole family framed from our wedding day. If we would have only known my uncle would be gone in a few years and my grandmother would have followed, maybe we would have took more photos together, but we never knew… and I guess we never really thought about it…

When you get married, annoy the heck out of every one, but be sure to request photos of everyone that walks in the door because you never know when the last time will be that you see them.




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