AdoramaPix Photo Book Review

by Crystal Carder
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*I received an item for free in exchange for my review. This post contains affiliate links.

I have always loved taking photos. And, now as a mom I have made it my job to be my child’s photographer. With out someone constantly taking photos, my kids will only have faded memories to remember all the fun times we’ve had together.

As we all know, memories fade. That’s why I was so excited when AdoramaPix offered me the chance to review one of their photo books.

AdoramaPix is a leader in photo projects and prints. At AdoramaPix, they use the latest, most technicalogically advanced items to create the best products EVER!

While I have ordered photo books in the past, I never realized how bad they looked until I got one from AdoramaPix!

AdoramaPix photo books are so much more different than other places. Their books use 100% professional grade photo paper. Meaning, your pictures look better and the pages feel thicker and better than the rest.

When I received my book, I was not expecting the pages to be so thick. The pages were about the same thickness as that card stock paper that you use to make cards.


Not only were the pages made nicely, but my photos looked amazing. While I will admit during the process of making my photo book, I did have some trouble with my photos being high enough quality, but that trouble was worth it to see the final product. All of my photos in this book were clear, uncut and not a bit grainy.

In the past, I have dealt with my photos looking cheap and having poor quality, so I was really impressed that I didn’t have that issue with AdoramaPix.

One of the best things about AdoramaPix photo books, though was that they were 100% customizable.

I was able to choose everything from photo layout to page backgrounds. While most photo books only contain a few photos, I was able to fit over 60 in my book and I could have done more!

While I am a little unsure why AdoramaPix is still not taking over the world of photos, I absolutely love them! After so many bad experiences with other photo companies, I would recommend them to any one!

If you would like to learn more about AdoramaPix check out their website HERE. 


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