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by Crystal Carder
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Hi, I’m Crystal and I’m the one behind this internet haven where I write, take pictures, and post about my family, life, and our adventures.

About Me  75

I met my husband, Michael, when I was 18. We fell in love and we got married 9 months later and 6 months after that, we found out we were expecting our first son.

About Me  76

Soon after giving birth to my 1st son, I realized I loved being a mom so much, that I wanted more kids. We soon ended up with two boys and one sweet girl and we are calling it quits, for now. Although we love babies, we are enjoying watching the kids grow up and enjoying all the adventures we can go on.

About Me  77

This past May, we decided to add one more family member to the mix, a less than 4-pound, Yorkshire Terrier named, Teddy.  Teddy is an amazing addition to the family and our kids just love him! While I would have never thought a Yorkie would be a good family dog, Teddy is super sweet and full of personality.

The Carder family currently resides in Western Maryland, just miles from the PA & WV state line, in the hometown where Crystal grew up.

Backstory Behind crystalcarder.com

When my husband and I got married, almost 10 years ago, things weren’t easy. We had some problems with identity theft and instead of starting out on the upside, we ended up starting out with no money, stress, and lots of worrying.

While my husband had a great job working as a correctional officer, money was always tight and there was never the option of me going to work since childcare was so expensive.

I spent countless hours going over ways to earn more money, but it wasn’t until I started blogging that I realized, maybe I could start my own business and earn extra money.

In the fall of 2013, I started my first blog, Hugs ‘n Tugs Mom Reviews in the living room of our Pennsylvanian home.  I saw some success with that blog, but quickly realized doing nothing but product reviews, wasn’t my thing.

After getting blogger burnout, I decided to give up my blog and life went on. In 2016, our family sold our home in PA and moved back in with my parents.

The original plan was supposed to be living with them for only a few months, but life happened even more and we soon found out God has a funny way of keeping us right where he needs us to be.

As luck would have it, my husband got hurt at work and we lost a substantial amount of income. Had we owned our home in PA, still, we wouldn’t have been able to afford it and would have faced the embarrassment of foreclosure.

After struggling with the hassle of not getting paid, we finally got things straightened out and I decided to start Crystal Carder in hopes to help with the financial situation again. 

As we started to make plans to move out, again, our plans were delayed once more. My father had to have back surgery in the middle of winter.

Knowing my parents would need help, we decided to delay our search for a home and spend the winter with them.

Soon after, he got feeling a little better, we were hit with another bend in the road. My mother’s health started declining and she was sick for almost a whole year. When she finally found out she needed open-heart surgery a week before Christmas, we were all devastated that moving out was the furthest thing from our minds.

Thankfully, God kept my mom safe and on my oldest sisters birthday, January 5th, my mom underwent double-valve replacement in Baltimore while I waited back home. Those next few days were such a whirlwind of events, but when my mom came home, she had no pain, thanks to the power of prayer.

My mom still suffers from a-fib, but after these few crazy years, it’s safe to say, we’re exactly where God needs us, for now at least.

Want to work together? Email me at crystalcarder1@gmail.com



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