9 Travel Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

by Crystal Carder
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Did you know every 73 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted in America? The numbers are startling, that’s why it’s more important to follow these travel safety tips now, more than ever. Especially whenever you are traveling with kids.

Anything can happen and its always best to be prepared before it does.

With all the threats of human trafficking, muggings, and kidnappings, you can never be too safe. These 9 travel safety tips are ones that you should implement, not only in your travels, but in your every day life. These tips could potentially even save your life one day.

9 Travel Safety Tips that could save your life one day

9 Travel Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Run a Google News Check On the Place You’re Visiting Before Leaving

One of the best things you can do for travel safety whenever you’re traveling somewhere new is check Google News for the most current news stories in the area you are planning to travel to, or currently in.

Not only will it help you decide how safe the area you are visiting may be, but it may help you figure out whether or not the location you are staying feels safe enough for your comfort level.

In the past, I have personally used Google News to find out if areas I was traveling to had high rates of murders, rapes, or kidnapping cases.

To find the most current news in the area you are traveling before you leave for vacation, go to Google.com. Type in your travel destination. Hit search and then click on ‘news’ – usually found under the search bar and then read away.

Never Mention Where You Are Staying In Public

One of the worst things you can do for your travel safety on vacation is mention where you are staying in public. While this can sometimes be tricky with children, who don’t know any better, it’s always best to explain the importance of keeping your hotel’s name quiet while in public. Whenever people know what hotel you are staying in, you risk your vacation becoming unsafe and even open yourself up to travel scams.

Never Blurt Out Your Room Number In a Hotel

I made the mistake once by blurting out the hotel room to my husband a few feet away, while we were in the hotel lobby. Afterwards, I felt really stupid. I had opened my family up to numerous travel threats. Everyone in the hotel knew exactly where my kids and I were staying. While blurting your room number out may not seem like something that would risk your safe travels, remember hotels aren’t always known to be the safest places to stay.

Never Discuss Travel Plans in Public

Mentioning your travel plans can be just as dangerous – if not more – than mentioning your hotel in public. Not only does telling someone your travel plans open you up to a potential threat, but it gives a potential threat more opportunity to make you a victim.

Even if someone seems like a trustworthy person, it’s always best to keep your travel plans to yourself and meet up at a well lit area with that person later.

Travel With Someone Else, When Possible

Not only is it more fun to travel with someone else, but it’s also a lot safer to travel with someone else. Whenever you’re traveling alone, you don’t always have a chance to watch your full surroundings and you make yourself more prone to be the target of a violent crime. Whether you’re a man or a women, it’s always better for safer travels to travel in groups or with others than traveling alone.

Keep Items for Safe Travel With You At All Times

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about your safety. It is still just as important to have all of those items you normally carry. Some of the items you may want to keep with you include:

  • a blanket, especially if you’re traveling somewhere cold.
  • mace because you never know
  • a whistle
  • flashlights
  • cell phone
  • anti-theft locks 

Even though you may not want to carry these items with you when you’re traveling, having them with you at all times can save your life.

Watch Your Surroundings

One of the worst things you can do whenever you’re traveling is not watch your surroundings. Watching your surrounding can be so important in preventing a dangerous crime. You should always be cautious whenever you are:

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walking alone
  • Leaving the hotel lobby
  • Leaving with new people

Check In With Family & Friends Often

I know it’s not always easy to check in with family and friends while you’re on vacation, but you should make a habit of doing it for optimal safe travels. In the event something does happen while you’re traveling, your family and friends are the ones who can account for your last whereabouts and may be able to help you get home safe. Even a simple text message to your sister stating where you are going can save your life.

Checking in doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it just needs to include where you are now and where you are heading. Doing this while you’re traveling can alert family and friends when something’s not right.

Stay In Well Lit, Populated Areas

While some crimes may happen in broad daylight, a lot of crimes happen in dark, underpopulated places where it’s easy to victimize someone without being seen. That’s why I suggest always traveling in well lit, populated areas.

If your travel plans do include a place that isn’t populated or well-lit, be sure to have some travel safety tools with you to keep you safe and definitely make sure you check in with family and friends before and after your adventure.

Even though these travel safety tips can’t save your life, they can help you make your travels a lot safer.

So, tell me, what’s one travel safety tip you always practice when you’re on vacation?

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Travel Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life

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