Happy 8th Birthday to My Little Man, I’m Finally Sharing His Birth Story!

by Crystal Carder
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So you turn 8 today! I’m so proud and amazed at the little man you are turning into. Every day, you do something that makes me wonder, how you got so big. But today, is your birthday! And, to tell you the truth, this post is hard for me. I can’t stop thinking about how old you’re getting and every time I do, my eyes fill up with tears.

It seems like yesterday you were just born. And, as I’m getting older, I realize I am beginning to forget the little funny details of your birth story, so before I forget to tell you the whole story, here it is. Happy Birthday….

The day you were born, actually starts with the day before you were born. It was April 6th and I was 39 weeks pregnant. I was huge, miserable and I just wanted you out. When the doctor asked if I wanted to be induced, I quickly said yes.

The morning of April 6th, I had my last baby doctor appointment. The doctor basically just went over what would be happening and we joked. We joked about how the dr. was off that night and how I should try to wait for the morning to have you. We never really thought you would try coming sooner because i had already tried everything to evict you and you weren’t coming out. I guess you decided to play your first trick that night.

That evening the doctor scheduled us to go into the hospital and start the induction process, but he said things wouldn’t really start happening until the next morning. I was so worried about the whole labor process, but I was so excited to be getting to meet you!

That afternoon your dad and I did everything that needed done in the house. We took Mako, our big goofy English Mastiff, up to grandma and paps then we came home and sat for a while.

Happy Birthday Birth Story

At the time, your dad and I still weren’t financially sound, so that afternoon we arranged to sale something to someone for a little extra cash. By the time the people came, it was almost time to go the hospital, so I decided to go pee – something I was doing pretty often right around that time.

This time though, things were really different. I noticed a bit of bloody show on the toilet paper and I freaked out. I told your dad and I convinced him to head to the hospital an hour earlier than we had to be there.

We pulled into the hospital right at 5:13pm and as I stood up to get out of the car, something happened. Water started going everywhere and right in the middle of the hospital parking lot, my water broke.

You were coming on your own terms and I was almost in tears with fear. As I told your dad to call everyone, we begin walking into the hospital. That’s when the guy at the door offered me a wheelchair and I almost cried telling him that my water broke. I really thought he would look at me like a plague, but the guy told me it was okay and gave me a wheelchair anyway.

By the time we got up to labor and delivery, the nurses told me I was indeed in labor. Just about that time, I started to feel uncomfortable and begged for the epidural. Thankfully, your doctor okay’d it and I felt a million times better.

By the time the epidural was in place, your grandparents were beginning to arrive, so we spent some time with them. The nurse I had though, eventually came in and yelled at us for talking quietly and told us we had to sleep.

I really wasn’t tired, but somewhere in between I fell asleep. That’s when your father woke me up. He had to use the bathroom and wanted to let me know, just in case anything happened.

A few minutes later, your dad came out of the bathroom with a look on his face. I asked him what was a matter and in a semi-panicked or amused tone (I’m really not sure which one) he said, the toilet clogged.

I guess he had experience with that sort of thing because then he said, I’m gonna go out to the nurses station and ask for a plunger. I really thought nothing of it. But the next thing I knew, my nurse was running in. I guess somehow she thought your daddy was gonna plunge you out!!

After she realized your dad really was innocent, she decided to check me, and thankfully she did. That’s when she told me, it was time to push – you were coming!

I really thought I would be holding you in my arms in just a couple minutes, but I pushed for two miserable hours, that seemed like a lifetime. When you finally came at 5:43am, I was so shaky and scared, I just kept asking the doctor if you were fine.

Happy Birthday Birth Story

Something didn’t sound right with your breathing. So the doctor decided to put you in the NICU for a little while to make sure you were okay.

You were away from me for 6 hours and it was one of the worst waits in my life. The next few hours are really blurs, but I can tel you, you drew quite a crowd to the hospital.

People who are no longer here came to see you and you were loved from those very first moments…

Happy 8th Birthday Cayden Michael! I know you won’t be reading this for some time, but I hope when you do, you get a laugh out of it.

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