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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Yough River Lake This Summer

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Yough River Lake This Summer

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Whether you’re looking for somewhere to cool off this summer or somewhere out of the ordinary to visit; the Yough River Lake in Addison, Pennsylvania makes for a perfect day of summer of fun.

The Yough River Lake is located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, just near the Maryland border and is a little more than an hour drive from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Why You Should Visit The Yough Lake this Summer

The Yough Lake is a great place to visit for an affordable relaxing day of fun. Great for the whole family or fun for couples, the lake has so much to offer. 

Beautiful Mountainous Views

Part of the beautiful Laurel Highlands, the Yough River Lake offers beautiful mountainous views, wildlife, and clean water. With only a few nearby houses, the Yough is not as built up as some other lakes. In fact, you won’t find any chain stores nearby and only a few small mom and pop shops close by.

A Great Camping Experience 

If camping is your thing, the Yough River Lake is perfect for you! Offering three camping locations for your exact needs; you can experience a total backwoods camping experience or a little more modern camping experience with more amenities. 


If you long for swimming on a hot summer day, the Yough River Lake’s greenish blue water looks extremely inviting. Although, there are no longer swimming areas in Addison, Pennsylvania, just drive a few miles down the road to Confluence, PA and you will find the Dam of the Yough River Lake. Costing just a small fee, folks can swim all day for one low rate.


If you are looking for better fishing in Pennsylvania, the Yough River Lake is perfect for you. One of few locations that offer a large variety of fish species; the Yough River Lake flows from Maryland to Pennsylvania and allows boat anglers to fish either state with either state license. Although, those who are on the shore fishing, must have the appropriate state license.


With 16-miles of channels one-half a mile wide, the Yough River Lake is one of the best powerboating areas in Southwestern, Pennsylvania. With water depths as much as 120-feet, the Yough is great for those looking to relax out on the water.


The Yough River Lake offers visitors the chance to eat lunch right beside the water. With many picnic tables, many times you can eat a picnic lunch without anyone nearby. This picture below is just one of 4 picnic areas at the Yough.

Why You Should Visit the Yough Lake

The Lake With a Cause

In 1938, a town by the name of Somerfield was flooded and the Yough River Lake was created as part of the  Flood Control Act of 1938 to provide flood protection to the lower Mongohelia River Valleys and upper Ohio River. Since it’s been completed, the Yough has saved an estimated $569 million in flood damages.

In the winter the Yough is drained and sometimes, you can even walk where Somerfield one stood.

Why You Should Visit the Yough Lake

Have you ever been to the Yough? Where is your family’s favorite lake?

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