6 Things You MUST Do Before Successfully Working at Home

by Crystal Carder
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Working at home seems like everyone’s dream job. And it’s no surprise. Stories of people successfully working at home and running a million dollar business in their pjs are all over social media. I mean, I seriously could open my Facebook app right now and find 10 so-called stories of rags to riches and you probably could too.

While these success stories of working at home, may have you aching to try it, running a successful business from the comfort of your home requires a lot of dedication, time, and work.

A lot of times people don’t realize the struggles of starting a successful work from home business, so that’s why today I’m sharing 6 things you must do before you can ever successfully work at home.

6 Things You Must Do Before You Can Successfully Work From Home

1. Get Organized

Successfully starting a business and working at home means you have to be organized. You are officially your own boss and it’s now your responsibility to take care of all your finances and tax information.

Being organized is probably the number one thing that can help you successful in your work at home business. Without a nice, organized place to work, things can really go wrong; inventory can get lost and you can even lose money.

2. Apply for a Business License

One thing many people don’t do for a while, is apply for state and local licensing for their businesses. While it’s your choice to wait, I personally recommend starting your successful business at home with everything you need right from the start.

This helps avoid tax penalties and fines for operating a business without a license in the future.

In most locations, it’s free to get a business license, and it only cost a small amount of money to get other types of license your business may need.

Unfortunately, starting your work at home business without a license may not get you in trouble (some people do get lucky, but I’m not saying you will) but staying on the safe side of the law is the best bet for your successful work at home career.

3. Avoid Distractions

Most of us want to start an online business because of the fact that we get to spend more time with our family and friends, but unfortunately, you have to learn to treat your home business like you would a job in an office.

If you can’t make yourself avoid distractions, chances are you will never make your at home business a real success.

Most people who run million dollar businesses from home sacrificed a lot to get there. Since you’re building something from the ground up, you have to keep yourself focused and avoid any and all distractions.

4. Say No to Friends & Family

Having a successful at home business means a lot of saying no. Trust me when I say this, your friends and family won’t realize the amount of work you’re putting into your at home business and they are going to want you to spend every minute with them.

While it’s normal for friends and family to want you with them on their days off, since you’re now working at home, you have to be able to tell these people no.

If you start doing everything with friends and family you won’t have time to put into your successful home business and you may never be able to have a successful career working at home.

Though it’s normal for friends and family not to understand why you can’t do anything with them when you’re practically at home all day, you have to be firm and say no to their invitations whenever they are interfering with your work schedule.

5. Make a Set Schedule

I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to work on something, but decided to wiggle my schedule and got nothing done instead.

Having a successful business at home means you’re going to need a set schedule. You no longer have a boss to hold you accountable for missing days at work and the only one who can hold you accountable is yourself.

You have to set a schedule, every day and be sure to do it. Without a schedule, people won’t know what to expect from you and people will never trust someone who seems flaky.

You have to build trust and the only way to do that is by setting a schedule and sticking to it – even when you don’t feel like it.

6. Have Some Sort of Revenue Flow

Almost every story I have read from someone who quit their 9 to 5 and started a successful business working at home had some sort of revenue flow.

Although it may sound nice to make millions working at home, reality is that doesn’t happen overnight. While some people may get lucky, you are going to need some sort of streaming income to pay for your bills, start up cost and other expenses that come with having a home business. Whether you get your income from a side job, family, retirement or whatever, you have to have some sort of income to be able to start a successful business at home because it will take time.

While these may not be the only things you need to successfully work from home, I hope you understand how these 6 things can literally make or break your at-home career.

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