6 Places to Donate To This Holiday Season

by Crystal Carder
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Christmas is just a few weeks away, and if you’re like me, you may be wondering how you can help the less fortunate this season.

While, there may be hundreds of places to donate to each year, here is a list of my 6 favorite ideas:

 – Nursing Homes – Unfortunately, some people in a nursing home have NO family, so when Christmas comes they are often left with nothing and no one. Most nursing homes will actually give you the name and likes of residents who have no one, so you can surprise them on Christmas morning, or whenever. Nursing homes are especially great for teaching your children the power of giving, since they can experience first-hand what giving feels like.

Churches – Most churches do, do Christmas baskets and/or take donations for needy families in the area. This is a less-direct way of donating and usually you never meet the family that your gift goes to.

The Salvation Army – You’ve probably seen them ringing bells at some of the stores you shop at; the Salvation Army works vigorously, each year, to collect money to bring Christmas to needy families. One downfall to this organization, though, is that there are income guidelines, so only families falling under certain income will qualify for assistance.

Toys for Tots -Sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps., Toys for Tots is one of the holiday’s most reputable organizations. Toys for Tots usually accepts donations of toys at most major retailers during the holiday season and their main focus is giving Christmas to the children.

Contact Your Local Social Services – Many times, your local social services can direct you to a needy family and explain how you can help.

Check out Facebook, Craigslist and other online classifieds-While you generally have to worry about being scammed on these sites, sometimes honest people will get desperate enough for their children, to post on these sites. * These sites can be extremely dangerous, so please use caution.

These are just some ways you can help spread joy this holiday season. Please be aware of scammers and people who may take advantage of you (because sadly, it happens).


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