6 Genius Tips That Will Save You A Ton On Back-to-School Shopping

by Crystal Carder
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Looking for ways to save on back-to-school shopping that won’t break the bank? Then this post is for you! I’m sharing true and tried tips that will save you a ton on back-to-school shopping and make you look like you spent a ton without the high price tag.

save a ton back to school shopping
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Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping

After putting two kids in school for the last two years and living on just one income, I’ve learned a lot of ways to save money on back-to-school shopping. Although, this school year will be the first one that all three of my kids head to school, I’m not worried the least.

If you want to know how we do school shopping frugally, then this post is for you, just keep reading.

Shop During Tax Free Events

If you’re not fortunate enough to live in a state that doesn’t require sales tax on clothing, then shopping during tax free events can save you quite a few dollars.

Since Maryland has a 6% sales tax, I spend $6 for every $100 I spend. This can quickly add up if I spend a little bit of money, so saving on taxes during these events let me save just enough to buy my kid’s cheaper school supplies like crayons and pencils.

Shop For School Supplies in August

While stores start putting school supplies on sale beginning in June, you can actually score better deals on school supplies during the month of August. This is the time kids start going back and stores begin to start pushing their inventory out.

While Walmart offers many great deals on school supplies, office supply stores like Office Max and Office Depot offer customer killer deals like .01 cent pencils, folders and more! Just keep an eye on their flyers.

Shop Amazon Prime Day

Last year was the first day I ever shopped Amazon Prime and it wasn’t even intentional. The kids had been wanting UA Backpacks and I had been contemplating spending $40 for a backpack, so when I went on Facebook another blogger shared an awesome Amazon Prime Day deal. I scored two Storm Logo Backpacks for just $15 each!! I spent less than I would have on a backpack at Walmart and my kids were able to go back-to-school with a HOT backpack.

Amazon Prime Day is July 7th, if you’re not already an Amazon Prime Member, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial6 Genius Tips That Will Save You A Ton On Back-to-School Shopping 81

Shop Online

While I know it may be easier to shop in-store for your growing child, but shopping online for school clothes can actually pay off in your favor. Online you can sometimes score multiple discounts for your order while in store you often have to pay full price with no extra discounts.

Plus when you buy online you can shop via Swagbucks and earn gift cards just for shopping online. Sign up for a Swagbucks account HERE. It’s free, easy and requires no credit cards.

If you’re unsure of your child’s sizes and want to be sure, just try on in-store and buy online.

Buy Name-Brand Items at Outlets

One of the easiest ways to score the hottest clothing and shoes for school without breaking the bank is by shopping at outlets. While I think most outlets have Nike, UA Stores, and North Face, these are the three outlet stores that I absolutely recommend visiting before school.

In the past, I have scored things like Nike hoodies and UA shirts for my kids for less than $5! If you were to shop for some of the same items these stores offer in another store, you would pay a lot more.

When planning a visit to the outlets, plan on the weekends and holiday weekends. These are the best times to shop as the stores often have added clearances off the already clearanced prices.

Shop Yard Sales

I always try to make sure my kids have at least enough new outfits for one full week of school, but throughout the rest of the school year, I supplement their clothing with clothes I find at yard sales.

Since I am already going to yard sales in the summer, I always look for extra clothes at these sales. Because of that, I am often able to find a ton of clean, unstained name brand clothing at just a fraction of the price.

These clothes are great for adding to their clothing selection and they save my family a ton. Plus when they are done with them, I don’t feel as bad about donating them since we didn’t spend an arm and a leg on their clothing.

By implementing all of these tips, I am able to save my family a ton of money throughout the year. What are some ways you use to save your family money for the school year?

save a ton back to school shopping

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