5 Weird Things You Should Pack for Vacation

by Crystal Carder
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Another post about what to pack on vacation. I’m sure you’ve been on vacation before. You probably know what to pack, but what if I told you some weird things that you should pack. I’m sure you’ve never thought of packing these 5 weird things, but you should.

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5 Weird Things You Should Pack on Vacation

These 5 weird things you should pack for vacation are things that I always pack and they are lifesavers, especially for traveling with others.

5 Weird Things You Should Pack for Vacation 82

Laundry Detergent Samples

I’m a light packer. I like to bring the essentials, a few extra outfits, and as little of bags as possible. That’s why whenever we’re planning a trip for 3-days or more, I keep laundry detergent samples on hand.

Usually the detergent samples are ones I’ve gotten from the Freeosk station at Sam’s or through the mail, but either way, these things come in handy on vacation.

After being gone for 3 or more days, we start to run out of clean clothes. Since it would be expensive to buy the whole family new everything, I keep these handy laundry detergent samples with me on vacation in case I have to do a quick load of clothes in the hotel. These things save a ton of money on detergent and are the perfect size to fit in a duffle bag or a purse.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are sort of new to me on vacation, but it’s a trick I picked up from my father.

As we all know, vacationing as a family means a ton of dirty clothes. I don’t mix my dirty clothes with my clean, so instead of attempting to shove all our dirty clothes in one of those dry cleaning bags that are usually hanging up in a hotel, I pack a trash bag.

This is a great way to keep the smell of dirty clothes from getting out and stinking up the vehicle and one trash bag usually holds all of our clothes. Plus, if you’re traveling in a small car with little space, a trash bag can be shoved on top of anything.

A Fan

There used to be a time when all hotels would have fans that ran constantly. Unfortunately, those fans are hard to find in most hotels nowadays. That’s why I always pack my own fan to bring along.

Though it may look a little weird lugging a fan through the hotel lobby, there’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep when you’re so used to having a fan at home.

Small Purse

When I was younger, my mom used to bring a fanny pack on vacation. It was one of the ugliest things and I could never understand why she needed it, especially since my dad could carry everything in his pockets.

Now that I’m a mom, I totally understand! Having a small purse on vacation is something I have to have! Rather than making my husband carry my phone and id, a small purse allows me to carry all of the family’s essentials; extra diabetic supplies, sugar tablets, lip balm, etc…

While I bring my regular sized purse on vacation, a small purse that goes across the shoulder is great for places that you wouldn’t want to tote a big heavy purse in, like an amusement park.

1 Outfit of the Opposite Weather We’re Traveling In

Because I’ve been to Florida in 50-degree weather, I now know, don’t just pack warm clothes when heading to the beach or someplace warm.

Though I don’t go crazy packing both warm and cold wear, I do always pack at least one outfit opposite of the weather we are traveling to.

This helps for times when you head to somewhere that’s supposed to be warm and it’s cold, or vice versa.

Many times I don’t use the extra clothes, but I have found its better to prepared for the unexpected than not be.

While I may be the only one to pack these weird items on vacation, I shouldn’t be!

Tell me what’s one weird thing you pack on vacation?

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5 Weird Things You Should Always Pack for Vacation

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