5 Ways You Can Better Yourself at Home During the Quarantine

by Crystal Carder
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Staying at home during the COVID-19 Quarantine can feel mentally exhausting! Most of us are literally experiencing a whole new kind of life. For those of you who aren’t used to staying at home everyday, or teaching the kids from home, there are some perks to this whole quarantine thing. You don’t have to feel like you are “stuck”, instead there are 5 ways you can actually take advantage of this whole ‘break from life’ and better yourself.

5 Ways You Can Better Yourself at Home During the Quarantine 82

I’ll be honest with you all, whenever I first heard about this whole quarantine, I thought it wouldn’t be bad. I already spend most of my time at home, what’s a few weeks? Well, after a little more than a week, I’m more than ready for life to be back to normal. This quarantine has already affected so much.

People are without pay. Small businesses are suffering. And, in my family, it cost Michael a job and a move, that we were looking forward to. While I know, God hasn’t abandoned us, this whole quarantine really makes you look at perspective. That’s why today, I’m trying to get rid of some of the depression and mental exhaustion that many of us are facing and share 5 ways you can actually help yourself during the quarantine. Hopefully, you find this post helpful and are able to see some of the light at the end of the tunnel!

5 Ways You Can Better Yourself at Home During the Quarantine

Better Your Relationship with Your Family

For many of us, spending time with our families comes only after work is over. Since the quarantine is kind of forcing us to be at home with the ones we love, use this time to better your relationship with your kids, your wife, and your whole family. Instead of setting an alarm or having bedtimes, use this time to stay up late, have a movie night, and spend quality time with one another.

Get to know who your kids are better and improve your relationship with your spouse. If you haven’t already realized it, this quarantine has the ability to make your family relationship a million times better.

Get Closer to God

I keep seeing post about this quarantine and COVID-19 and how many people are panicking because of it. What better reason than now to finally get closer to God. Pick up a Bible, do online study guides, and spend your time becoming a better Christian.

With all this extra time, we have plenty of time to watch sermons online and implode ourselves into His word. With everything happening in the world, we may even find our closeness with God will bring a sense of peace to our lives, that we need right now.

Get Rid of Excess Clutter

If we ever needed a reason for spring cleaning, what better one than COVID-19? Right? Not only will cleaning and getting rid of excess clutter help keep harmful germs away from you, but it will also have a big improvement on your mentality.

By getting rid of clutter and cleaning, you will feel better, work better, and have an overall happy home.

Find a Hobby or Start a Small Home-Based Business

Many of us are so caught up into work and family, that we never have time to do something for ourselves. That’s why now is the perfect time to finally find a hobby or start a small home-based business (like selling clothes online).

By finding a hobby or starting a small business, you are giving yourself a stress-relieving mechanism and you can possibly even make a few extra dollars while you’re off work. After-all, all you need to get started selling clothes online is your old clothes, a camera, and an account to an online selling site like Poshmark or Kidizen.

Use this Time to Start Healthier Habits

If there’s one good thing about this quarantine, it’s the fact that our lives are being forced to slowed down. For this reason, we no longer have to eat fast food for convenience, we have time to exercise, and we can finally get our bodies on a healthier sleep routine.

What better time to finally look at our health and start making better choices than now? We literally have no excuse! 

Rather than point out all the bad that this quarantine feels like, let’s focus on the good. Together we can better ourselves and make the most out of this forced time alone.

What’s one thing you are doing to better yourself at home during the quarantine? I would love to hear what you are doing in the comments below.
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5 Ways You Can Better Yourself at Home During the Quarantine 83



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