5 Tips to Save Money on This Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner

by Crystal Carder
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I’m always amazed how fast the years go now that I’m a mom. It’s like one minute I blink and it’s New Years and then the next it’s literally the month before Christmas!!

It’s like we transition from time so fast, that’s it’s almost impossible to get ahead financially. We have birthdays, Valentine’s, Easter, back to school, Halloween and then of course, Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has long been one of my most favorite holidays, but it’s also one that I always feel so sad about. Knowing there are so many without turkeys or families to celebrate the holiday with just makes me feel so bad. Though I try to help out anyway I can, I know some families always struggle trying to find a way to put a thanksgiving day meal on the table. That’s why today I’ve decided to share how my family has saved on our thanksgiving day meal, year after year.

Don’t Push Aside Free Turkey Offers

Spending $400 for a free turkey sounds insane. Especially when you have to earn your points within just one month! If you’re already struggling, you’re probably going to struggle affording $400 in groceries at just one store, but don’t be so quick to push aside those turkey offers.

One of my favorite grocery stores has the free turkey offer with 400 points, but you don’t actually have to spend $400 to get your free turkey with them. In fact, the store offers many cheap ways (like spending $12!) to earn 400 points.

Whenever you’re looking at free turkey offers you have to look at your grocery stores bonus points offers because you could end up gaining your points with as little out of your pocket as possible.

5 Tips to Save Money on This Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner 81

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Consider Boxed Options Verses Homemade

It’s crazy to think we live in a world where boxed food can be cheaper than homemade, but if you’re considering baking your pies this Thanksgiving verses boxed pies, you may want to think again.

Whenever you consider the price of ingredients, it is often a lot cheaper to buy food that is already made as opposed to making its yourself. While you may not want to buy all of the options for all of your Thanksgiving recipe boxed, buying the majority of your items this way can save you a lot of money.

Have a ‘Potluck’ Thanksgiving

If you have family and friends and want to spend the holiday with them, consider having a potluck-type Thanksgiving to help save money on your Thanksgiving Day dinner plans.

Whenever you have friends and family helping with the meal, it actually cuts your cost down tremendously.

Buy Food Early

Whenever you can start planning for Thanksgiving, start. Buying your food earlier (like in October) can help you spread out the cost of a Thanksgiving meal as opposed to buying all of your food at one time.

Consider Asking for Help

During the holidays, it’s completely understandable if you cannot afford to put your turkey dinner on the table. Rather than going without, consider asking for help.

Many places like churches and food pantries will help families who may need helped. A lot of times these places will supply the whole dinner for families in need. Some may even help without income restrictions.

As we all know, the holidays can be extremely expensive for families who are already living paycheck to check. I hope these tips can help you and your family afford a nice Thanksgiving meal. If you have any other tips for saving on a Thanksgiving Day dinner I would love for you to share them in the comments below.

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5 Ways to Save on Your Thanksgiving Meal

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