5 Things To Do That Are Totally FREE

by Crystal Carder
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I love spending money, just ask my husband, he’ll probably tell you I spend way too much. But, sometimes, the hustle and the bustle of shopping just gets old. So, when it does, our family resorts to good old-fashion family time.

Things to do that are free

It’s during these times when we don’t spend a dime that our family has the most fun and make the best memories.

Looking for something to do this weekend, try one of these absolutely free activities:

1. Take a Walk – No matter where you live there is always somewhere you can go take a walk. In most states, walking trails are fairly common, but if you can’t find one, try walking around town, or if you’re not scared, venture around in the woods.

2. Visit Family and Friends – Your grandmother is going to love me for suggesting this one, but one thing my family loves to do when we’re broke is visit with our friends and family. Your family will be super happy to see you and if you call ahead, this idea usually comes with a free meal and babysitter. ?

3. Take the Kids to the Park– One thing my husband and I always feel guilty about is not taking the kids to play at the park more often. Parks are free and,in my town, they are barely used so, why not spend the afternoon playing together and getting exercise? Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy an endless day of fun and by the time you get home, the kids are sure to be ready for bedtime.

4. Explore – If you’re out and want a change of venue, why not explore? I love checking out new roads or going down roads I haven’t been on in forever. This idea is sure to bring endless possibilities and may even turn into an unplanned road trip.

5. Do Yard-Work – I know most people hate working on their days off, but what better time to do all those things you’ve been putting off for so long. Go cut the grass, let the kids play and fire up the grill; chances are you’ll begin to wonder why you have those kind of days more often.

Those are just some of the things my family do when we’re  trying not to spend much money, what are some free ways your family has fun?

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