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5 Things to Do With Kids On a Snow Day

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Every winter it is the same. The weatherman calls for snow, it snows, and the kids are lucky enough to get a snow day. While the kids may be rejoicing, you may find yourself struggling to find things to do to keep the kids happy on a snow day. 

5 Things to do With Kids on a Snow Day

While it may be easy to let your kids be couch potatoes and play the Xbox all day, try to resist the urge. These five things to do with kids at home on a snow day are all free and things your kids will LOVE! 

Play in the snow

Going outside on a snow day is a very good way to spend the day. There are so many things to do, I highly suggest letting the kids go sled riding. Sled riding is the perfect way to wear energy off of little ones and kids love it. If you don’t have any sled riding hills to go down, have a snowball fight or create snow angels. Whatever you decide, take the day off too and have some fun with the kids in the snow; chances are you’ll feel just like a kid again.

Bake something together

If it is too cold to go outside, keep the kids inside and bake something together. Not only will it keep you from having to cook an elaborate dinner, but it will teach kids essential life skills they need. If you don’t think you have everything to bake something together, let them help with supper, or logon to Pinterest for recipes your kid can make.

Play Board Games 

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Keep the Xbox off and plug the tablets in; pull out the classic board games like [amazon_textlink asin=’B01MU9K3XU’ text=’Monopoly’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cryscard-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’dd76b7a7-fae1-11e7-a606-6359a220ba9b’] or have a family-fun game night with Goliath games. Board games can last for hours and teach children social skills and focusing skills which are essential for life.

Do Crafts Together

Catch up on all those cards you haven’t sent and let the kids help to create handmade, custom cards or get a head start on the kid’s Valentine’s Day box. If you’re not too crafty, Pinterest has many great options that only require things you already have laying around the house.

Help someone in need

Just because school is closed, it doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there who could use help. Teach the kids a valuable lesson and have them help someone in need. Maybe they can help shovel the driveway for an elderly neighbor or they can prepare a meal for someone in need; no matter how you help, teaching your child to be a helper in the time of need will help make them a better person.

What are some things you do when your kids have a snow day?


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