5 Things That Make Travel Easier with Kids in the Car

by Crystal Carder
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Traveling with kids can be tough, but making travel easier with kids can be tougher. That’s why I’ve put together this list of my favorite essentials that help my husband and I make traveling easier with our kids.

These essentials have helped us take our kids on long road trips without any headache. In fact, just a year ago, my husband and I were faced with nightmarish weekly 6-hour round trips to Rockville, Maryland, with the kids, and these essentials made our travels so much easier.

No matter what the reason, these essentials will help your kids fall in love with traveling and help you see more of the world.

Things that Make Travel Easier with Kids in the Car

traveling easier with kids in the car

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Coloring Books & Crayons

It’s amazing how much coloring books and crayons help make travel easier with kids. Coloring books are a great activity that kids can do, anywhere, even in strapped in a car seat, and kids love them. To keep things fresh, I suggest buying new coloring books at Dollar Tree so your kids don’t get bored.

I have found Dollar Tree has the best selection of coloring books. Their books are just $1 and available in characters kids love. As for crayons, I highly suggest Crayola brand for all coloring activities.


If you have access to one, an iPad can be a valuable resource on vacations. Not only can you use these 4 Legal Ways to Watch TV on the go Without Internet, but your kids can also play games on them.

iPads are very good at making your travels easier with kids because they keep them entertained and help pass time. This is especially helpful if you plan on driving for a long while.


Bringing snacks with you when you travel is a great idea to keep kids happy and entertained. Plus, bringing your own snacks to help you save a ton of money on unnecessary road trip expenses that can add up.

Whenever you bring snacks for the kids, there’s less stress of finding somewhere to eat and making unnecessary stops that will delay your time of arrival.

iPod and Headphones

iPods are great for letting kids listen to their own jams and for helping kids not fight with one another. When kids listen to their own music, there’s less of a chance they will be bothered by what their siblings are doing and more of a chance you and your spouse will have an easier, quieter trip.

Blankets & Pillows

If you’re going to be traveling through the night, late at night, or early morning, I highly suggest packing extra blankets and pillows for the kids. This will help them be able to fall asleep easier and keep the kids comfortable on your travels.

By bringing along these simple travel essentials to make travel easier with kids, you will have a better trip and your whole family will be happy.

how to make traveling easier with kids in the car

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