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5 Shows to Watch On Netflix For Date Night

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I absolutely LOVE Netflix and I feel like I’ve probably watched every show ever made on Netflix. Since Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, I thought I would share a list of some of my favorite Netflix shows that you can cuddle up and watch with your  husband, boyfriend, or bff.

Netflix Shows To Watch On Date Night

Hart of Dixie – I absolutely hate that CW canceled this show, four seasons in because this show will always be one of my favorites. 

A New York City doctor, Zoe Hart, suddenly finds herself in the middle of a small country town in Alabama. Zoe Hart endures love, heartbreak, friendship and is hilarious while doing it.

For the women: this show offers plenty of fashion, romance and friendship. For the men: this show has an ex-football player friend, a bar, and the beautiful, Rachel Blison.

Chuck – My husband and I love this show so much that we’ve literally watched all five seasons, 3 times and counting! It looks like this show is only available via Netflix DVD service, but I am hoping they bring it back to the streaming network soon. This show follows a computer geek, Chuck, who receives highly classified information and is assigned a CIA and NSA handler to go on special-secret missions. For the men, this show offers a hot NSA handler, action-packed episodes and comedy. For the women, this show offers lots of romance.

Person of Interest – This show is one that I wasn’t sure I would like when I first started it, but now, 3 seasons in, I can’t get enough of it. This show follows ex-CIA operative, John Reese, and his computer-tech friend, Harold Finch, as they race to save lives. For the women- this show has a strong-female lead detective and actor Jim Caviezel. For the men, there are plenty of action-packed scenes.

Young & Hungry – When I first stumbled upon this show, I wasn’t even sure my husband would even watch it, but he did. Young & Hungry follows a personal chef, Gabby, who is hired by a young tech tycoon. This show has comedy, romance and a hilarious bff, Sophia.

The Mysteries of Laura is 3 seasons in,but Netflix only currently has 2 seasons. Still, this show is action-packed and hilarious. Following a hot NY detective, Debra Messing, is one hot mess. A mom of twin boys and working under her ex-husband, this show has it all. For the women, this show offers Debra Messing, mom-life and comedy. For the men, this show is action-packed. 

 What are some of your favorite date night movies?



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