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5-Minute Bible By Stephen Elkins Book Review

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*Disclaimer: I received a copy of 5-Minute Bible in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

5-Minute Bible Stories Review

There are so many children’s Bible books available on today’s market. You may even remember some of the ones I’ve talked about in the past like; The Beginner’s Bible Stories About Jesus or the Once Upon a Time Storybook, but the book I’m talking about today, has now become my new absolute favorite!

5-Minute Bible may not look like much from it’s white cover, but I promise you, this book has already made teaching my three kids about God a breeze.

5-Minute Bible Stories Review

Written by Stephen Elkins and illustrated by Tim O’Connor, 5-Minute Bible is another wonderful book published by Tommy Nelson Kids.

5-Minute Bible Stories Review back cover

Featuring 100 great Bible stories including: Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, and Jesus’s Birth, each story in this book also includes a timeless children’s song.

My Review

When it comes to teaching my three children about God, they are very curious and willing to learn. 5-Minute Bible makes teaching them a breeze. Each story is just the right length to get through a few at bedtime or at least get one in on nights when we’re running late. My kids have really come to love the stories and my daughter absolutely loves singing the songs with me. 

My Kids Love 5-Minute Bible Stories

One thing I really love about 5-Minute Bible is that it is actually laid out just like the Bible. The book starts with stories in Genesis and goes through the books of the Bible just like an actual Bible.

While this book has been awesome for teaching my kids about God, I have noticed one unfortunate thing with this book- the stories in this book sometimes leave important facts out. For example, one of the first stories only talks about God’s creation up to the 6th day. While I know about the 7th day, I feel like a bible book should not leave any facts out.

5-Minute Bible is available in hardcover backing and perfect for kids who are younger and too antsy to sit still for longer bible stories. Available online at retailers like Amazon, 5-Minute Bible is a great gift idea for any kid in your life.


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