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5 Hot Christmas Toy Ideas

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Every year, I try to get my Christmas shopping at least halfway finished before November starts and suddenly clearance sales disappear. This year is no different! My kids already know what they want and I’m ready to buy it off the shelf before it’s sold out. (Have you ever had that happen to you, it’s the worst)!

 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

This year my kids aren’t really wanting too much, but some of the bigger things they are wanting include:

Hot Wheels Garage this is one my husband and I thought about buying the kids last year, but we ran out of room. The Hot Wheels Garage looks so cool and will give my kids something to do with their bazillion Hot Wheels cars.

Hot Wheels Garage

Star Wars EVERYTHING this is something my husband got my 6 year old hooked on, and right now we’ve been fortunate to find a bunch of Star Wars toys on clearance.

Spider-Man this and that. My four year old is still obsessed with Spider-Man. And at this rate, some might even believe he was the real Spider-Man. So, this year we will be buying him plenty of Spider-Man toys. As if he doesn’t have most of them already. 

Skye from Paw Patrol is a great idea for the kid in your life and my two year old is Skye obsessed. She’s already been crying over all the Skye toys she thinks she’s not getting, so we will be making her Christmas Day by buying her way too many Skye items.

Skye Paw Patrol

Thomas the Train Minis. Seriously, my kids have never been big Thomas fans, but the Thomas Minis are perfect. Each mini can be bought separately, in a blind bag, for just $1.49 each!!

Blind Bags with anything. With all the blind bags available in stores these days, my kids can’t be the only kids who are digging them. Some of my children’s favorite blind bags include; Thomas Minis, Shopkins and Hot Wheels.

Those are some of the toys making an appearance at my house this Christmas, what are some big ones you will be buying?
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