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5 Great Ways to Involve Kids with Household Cleaning

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This post is a guest post written by Sophia Evans
You are standing in front of the hard task to undertake the usual seasonal cleaning and you don’t have an idea how to start? You can’t manage all the housework by yourself and you don’t need to if you have kids. It may sound strange to you, but if you have the right approach, your children will be more than happy to help you, and moreover they will have a lot of fun. Involving them into the household cleaning will not only help you manage the hard task, but also will create discipline and cleaning habits in them. Show them no only how to create a mess, but also how to deal with it.
Make the cleaning to be fun for your children. With involving them in these household activities you will create in them habits for life. Moreover, most of the kids are happy when they can help their mommies. So, don’t prevent them to feel significant, but let them help you. Probably some of you may think that kids are kids in order to play and to live their childhood, but isn’t it better to raise your children as responsible people?  Depending on their age, they can perform different tasks at home.
Firstly, you can start giving your child lessons at an early age. It may surprise you that even kids between two and four years old can help with small activities. You can start to teach him how to arrange the toys on the right place for it. Get advantage of the fact that in most of the cases the toys are the most valuable thing for the small people, and teach them that they have to take care of them, in order to keep their toys for longer. Another activity which you may show your kid is how to put his/her dirty clothing in the basket.
Secondly, in the age between five and eight years old, your kids are about to start to go to kindergarten/ school. At this age it would be smart to show your kid how to make the bed. It is very useful habit, especially in the age for kindergarten. This doesn’t mean that they will make their beds every day immediately, but at least you will start to create this habit in them. At this age, kids are already people with their own opinion. It is often, when the kid wants to choose how to dress. Don’t prevent your child from this- let him/her pick the clothes, and just make sure that the clothing is proper. This will save you time and effort in arguing about the way your kid wants to be dressed.
The third step is to teach him/her how to prepare some simple breakfast, like toast with jam. Get advantage of this moment and show the kid how to wash the dishes, because the eating comes hand in hand with dirty
dishes and washing. Don’t hesitate to teach him at least to wash his/her own plate, instead leaving it on the table after finishing with the food.
Before being a teenager, your kid has to be able to manage with almost every household activity. The fourth step which you can undertake is to show the child how to sweep, vacuum clean, mop, dust and declutter.
Here comes the fifth step, probably the hardest one since it’s difficult even for some adults: cooking. Show your kid how to prepare his own simple dishes. Advice him/her to follow the recipe in order to avoid bad surprises. Now you can teach the child how to deal with dried stains on the pots and the plates in an easy way. Then you will make sure that your dishes will be always clean- probably in the beginning you will need to wash them again, but don’t give up and always encourage your kids.
By following this advices, you will raise one responsible person, who will know how to deal with the house cleaning tasks by his/her own. It depends on you, as parents, to create habits in your kids, not leave him just to play. And you can save you a lot of troubles and fights with your children, considering the household activities, if you start to teach them at an early age. Moreover, you will prepare them for the real life, when they leave your family house and take their own road. 

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